Shot on iPhone competition by Youtube

Software Engineer from Kolhapur Wins Apple ‘Shot on iPhone’ Competition
Shot on iPhone challenge invited people to click the best macro picture using an iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max.

A software engineer who is based in Kolhapur, a city in Maharashtra, has just been announced as one of the winners of a competition held by American tech company, Apple.

The competition is called as ‘shot on iPhone’ as is open to everyone around the world who own an iPhone 13 or an iPhone 13 pro. The photo submitted must be shot on an iPhone. The competition opened on January the 25th and ran for three weeks until February the 16th.

The winner’s name is Mr. Prajwal Chougule, a software engineer who has said that he has a massive passion for the art of photography. There was a total of 10 winners selected by Apple’s judging panel and Mr. Prajwal was the only winner selected from India. The winner constitutes an eclectic group hailing from countries like China, Spain, Hungary, Thailand, India and the United States of America. Mr. Prajwal’s winning entry will be plastered on billboards and advertisements in Kolhapur and other cities and countries around the world. His work will be showcased on Apple’s social media accounts.

Shot on iPhone winner by Hidustan Times Tech

The photograph Mr. Prajwal Chougule submitted shows some water droplets running down a spider web with the sunlight in the back giving the water droplets a shining surface look. The water droplets also look like molecules and some people say they look like pearls.

Mr. Chougule said that he loves walking around in nature being one with his surroundings. He recently purchased the iPhone 13 pro which arguably has one of the best cameras a smartphone. He also said that the sunlight during the ‘golden hour’ showcases nature in the most beautiful and angelic perspective. He said that the spider web caught the falling droplets of dew and made it look like a classy piece of jewellery. He also said the shape of the droplets combined with the glistening sun made it look like necklace encrusted which a bunch of exquisite pearls. He described it as an artwork made by mother nature herself.

A judge on the panel said that the photo looks so beautiful that it doesn’t look real. She said that the skill of the user has matched the quality of the camera to create a masterpiece of a picture. She said that the picture has that aura and feel that most people would fail to capture or miss entirely.

This entire competition seems like a great way to market their products and showcase their state of the art camera.