SoLoMo: The Way To Go for Indian Small Businesses

solomo indian small businesses

SoLoMo – Social+Local+Mobile marketing is a new-age marketing approach! Here’s a short note on what SoLoMo can do for small businesses in India.

Markets are dynamic, so are the consumers! The SoLoMo consumer offers plenty of opportunities to marketers who understand the changing consumer dynamics.

To start with, let us talk about SoLoMo consumers!

Social Consumers

Those days when consumers would pay attention to print or visual ads and buy things are long gone. They do not just look up to brands any more as primary sources of information. Today, they are most likely to consult people in their social networks or third-party resources before making a buying decision.

Reading/ writing reviews, seeking advice on online forums, or experience-sharing on social media are some social activities done by the ‘social’ consumers of today.

As per a Sociable Labs Social Impact Study, 62% of all online shoppers read product-related comments from their Facebook friends and 75% of these shoppers visit the retailer’s website.

Local Consumers

Today, consumers get social where they are! With continued internet access, people use their smartphones to search their local environs for products and services. They can be targeted to consume products or services through their location. For example, the rising ‘beacon’ technology is used by marketers to tell consumers about what offers are available in a particular location, when they are moving in that area.

Mobile Customers

Consumers are defined by their mobility now. They use mobile devices and these devices mould consumer behaviour. Search engines identify a person’s location and use it to provide smartphone users with local results in their search engine apps.

The integration of social, local and mobile entities – SOLOMO is an amazing strategy for local businesses to connect with consumers. Whether a consumer is looking for an eating joint, a beauty salon or a furniture shop, apps can now link you to results that are right around that location.

Based on social media activities and usage of mobile devices in a particular area, local businesses can tap on the opportunity to advertise or target their ads locally within a certain radius.

Many restaurants are already doing this while promoting their facebook business page/ offers.

Here are six ways in which small businesses can go SoLoMo:

Integrating SoLoMo with your business is not a matter of choice any more. To survive the competition, small businesses can do the following and go SoLoMo:

1. Localise your campaign

Focus on the local area around your target audience. It is the most effective way to attain positive local advertising results. Show the audience that your brand cares by developing marketing messages based on local events, news, sports, etc. Get involved in community events to demonstrate an interest and commitment toward nurturing local relationships.

2. Highlight What Sets your Business Apart

Marketing your business in a way that highlights its strengths over the rivals and is in sync with audience’s needs. Tell people why they should care for your offerings and how it will improve their experience. Provide captivating reasons to select your products or services to get attention from the target audience.

3. Market your content the right way

Your consumers access your content across multiple devices such as a smartphone, desktop, or a laptop. This can be a challenge to small businesses. Whether content is viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone presents both benefits and challenges to a brand. To offer ease of accessibility, make sure your content is optimised to the consumers irrespective of the device they are using. The visuals and interactive elements should work across multiple devices without affecting the user experience.

4. Be Searchable

Optimize all your online content so that your business gets ample visibility. Regular blogging, social media updates, are some ways to enhance your visibility online.

5. Encourage sharing

Sharing is an easy and quick way to expand your business’s online reach and exposure at virtually no cost implications. So develop valuable reasons and rewards to promote regular online sharing.

6. Don’t Ignore Traditional Marketing

To truly integrate your marketing activities as per SoLoMo principles, mix both online and offline strategies to reach consumers in every possible market effectively. All your prospective customers may not be online, even those who are may not be so all the time. So, ensure that your offline and online marketing campaigns compliment each other.

The future of successful marketing lies in the integration of social, local, and mobile initiatives. Let these six strategies be a basis for your tryst with SoLoMo.

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