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Sony Has Designed And Patented An AI That Will Play Your Games For You

Sony Has Designed And Patented An AI That Will Play Your Games For You


Sony’s AI patent describes a system that monitors and observes players playing a series of titles to create AI-driven profiles that reflect the player’s playing style. Whether the games want to incorporate these profiles into the competition is yet to be seen. Sony’s patent was filed in April 2020, but only recently released, which attracted a lot of attention.

Take, for example, a competitive online game that you need to finish as quickly as necessary before you eat, study, or work. The game can end with the player being able to activate the auto mode, and the AI will play with their friends until they return in their absence and take control.

For some players, the idea of kicking a dinner plate and watching their AI version grind to a halt on a boring part of a PS5 game is appealing. For others who are proud of their work, it feels different. It seems that you are more likely to fall for this type of artificial intelligence than to go to hell with everything you are going to do.

It’s a patent, but Sony’s idea of artificial intelligence that can learn to play for you is intriguing. Have a friend or experienced player step in and solve annoying puzzles for you while they sit next to you. We will have to wait and see how gaming companies will introduce AI as a tool for players in games. GameShark for PS4 We’ll show you how to get GameShark on PS4, but the most important thing to keep in mind is what you can do.

If anyone is going to use AI to play games, it’s Sony. And the company has been working on an AI system for some time. It even opened an entire organization dedicated to AI to learn about the advanced development of technology in 2019.

Sony has set up a new organization at the end of 2019 to drive forward artificial intelligence research and development. With offices in Japan, Europe, and the USA, the company has driven forward research in both physical and virtual spaces in several world-class lighthouse projects and launched three projects: Gaming, Image Sensing, and Gastronomy.

Let us be honest, sometimes it is the patented ideas that become concrete rather than hypothetical in the future. In this case, we are talking about a promising project, and we invite you to follow our news page on this topic.



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