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Japan’s Lobby Group says, “Carbon Neutrality is the Target”
Akio Toyoda, the head of a Japanese lobby group has big plans to lead the country towards carbon neutrality.

Last year in December, Japan’s government made a push for carbon neutrality. With the current incentives on taxes and other financial support, the Japan’s Lobby Group is getting ready for the next big change.

Japan faces high costs in achieving Suga's 2050 carbon neutrality target |  The Japan Times

Image credits- The Japan Times

Being a carbon free nation isn’t without it’s drawbacks. The international energy agency said on the matter,

“A large number of unparalleled changes across all parts of the energy sector would need to be realized simultaneously. At a time when the world is trying to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

As per the agency, the primary energy demand in the world should fall by at least 17% to achieve the carbon-free goal. Adding to the situation, the global economy is increasing, eventually needing $71.3 Trillion for the world to be carbon-free. This is inregard with the goals set by pairs agreement to reduce 1.5° C.

How Electric vehicles can lead

Akio Toyoda is the head of a Japanese lobby group, associated with Japan’s auto industry. He believes that auto-industry is linked with other parts of the society in different ways. Empolying 5.5 Million workers, the industry can start the carbon-free journey.

As he said, “What Japan needs to do now is to expand its options for technology. I think regulations and legislations should follow after.”

Furthermore added, “Policy that bans gasoline-powered or diesel cars from the very beginning would limit such options. And could also cause Japan to lose its strengths.”

Japan’s Prime minister is to attend a virtual meet of 40 leaders, conducted for two-days. Furthermore, the meet is on climate change and on proposing a new target, other than the one made in 2013.

Japan’s associations group is represented by Toyota motor corp. Akio Toyoda is the president of the group, representing the auto-industry of Japan.

Achieving the goals

Last month, Toyota released two major changes for their transformation. One is position of software, the other is cars as part of societal system.

It is known that cars are the major reason for increase in pollution. However not everyone considered that cars could be part of the solution too. Major auto car makers are looking forward to shifting the manufacturing to where there are more sales. Like, Europe’s hybrid sales are more, and is considered transition sales. But, Japan seems to be ahead as usual.

Toyota is focusing on three things basically, durability, availability and repairability. Which are of major concern for mass production. Furthermore, the company is focused on bringing a change to the system, rather than just their own company.

Representing Japan’s automobile industry, Toyoda is going far ahead of others both nationally and internationally.





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