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SpaceX sends Artificial Intelligence robot and supplies to space station


05 July 2018, India:

SpaceX, an abbreviation for Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, has recently launched A SpaceX Dragon spacecraft which contained approximately about 2,600 Kg of supplies that included mice for genetic study and materials for research along with an Artificial Intelligence robot named Cimon, short for Crew Interactive mobile companion.

Cimon was launched to the ISS under the 15th cargo mission. This robot displays cartoon faces to interact with humans in space.

CIMON has about 14 internal fans which assists it to manoeuvre in a zero-gravity environment.

CIMON is responsive and nods whenever asked a question. This robot communicates in English.

By sending an AI into space, the scientists are trying to figure out the compatibility between the new technology and Humans for survival.

As for mice, since they are biologically similar to human beings, they are used as a model for experimenting on human health issues in space.

“Space biology scientists have observed accelerated changes in mouse physiology in the space environment that are characteristic of some human diseases, such as osteoporosis and aging,” Kevin Sato, who is a leading scientist said in a recent news release.

This spacecraft reached the international Space station on Monday as informed by NASA. Falcon 9 rocket helped lift the spacecraft on June 29 from the Air force station in Florida. Astronauts Ricky Arnold and Drew Feustel received the Dragon at the other end, the Space Agency mentioned in their blog post.

“Looking forward to some really exciting weeks ahead as we unload the science and get started on some great experiments,” Arnold stated.

(Picture credits:- sciencespacerobots.com)



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