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SpaceX rockets to the trending list as it stacks the full Starship launch system for the first time.

SpaceX once again enters the trending list on Twitter as it stacks the full Starship Launch system for the very first time in Texas. What you will see is the biggest rocket ever and SpaceX is applauded for the achievement. Although the two segments will soon be separated, this is the first time the Starship and booster are assembled together. Standing proudly at 400 ft, the Starship pockets the label of being the biggest rocket to be assembled. One can see that records are already being created before taking orbit.


Joining the two monumental segments required the support of a massive crane. They stood majestically for an entire hour after which they have separated again. It will be months before Starship embarks on its initial flight. The Starship is expected to make records that have never been broken before. SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk is absolutely convinced about the fact that after complete development, Starship will soon be embarking on trips to the Moon and Mars with people on board. Seems a bit far-fetched. But then again, anything is possible. Already commercial flights have been made to the edge of space. Perhaps it won’t long before we applaud the first flight to Mars with humans on board.

The achievement made on Friday is definitely a milestone with a strong promise for the future. NASA has already entered into a contract with SpaceX for the production of a version of the upper stage of Starship. This will be used for landing astronauts close to the lunar south pole. Following the milestone achievement, Twitter has been flooded by posts applauding the groundbreaking move as Twitterati is quite impressed by the 400ft colossal rocket. Let us take a look at the reactions and responses on Twitter that rocketed SpaceX to the trending list yet again.



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