SpaceX successfully places their latest Starlink satellites in Orbit

The pace at which SpaceX is launching its Starlink satellites is commendable. Their most recent launch has also been successful and took 60 satellites to orbit. SpaceX’s growth is so fast that they have also leased a 124,907 square foot building under construction in East Seattle. This could act as another place where SpaceX can continue its work and expand its service in the area. It is also very near to their headquarters and will provide over 300 parking places for the employees there.

Expansion of SpaceX Starlink internet

SpaceX’s fast pace of launching satellites has made it possible for them to expand their service very quickly. They have also started pre-booking in India and have promised service by year-end or the start of 2022. There is still a long way to go before the network is 99.99% reliable and fast, but the speed with which SpaceX is getting there is fast. It has already started to expand beyond its beta offering in no time and may provide full-fledged service soon.

Even the new lease of the company adds to the pace with which they are growing. According to a report, we found that the leased property will be divided into two buildings with 57,207 sq feet and 67,700 sq feet, respectively. This will help them operate in the nearby areas faster and, if used as a manufacturing facility, could help speed up the production of satellites.

Why is Starlink so special?

Starlink is the fastest-growing constellation of satellites right now. And do you know what is growing as fast? The use of the internet globally. As we move closer to an era where internet connectivity is a must, companies are also trying to do their best to provide as much coverage as possible. But one thing that is not possible for them is to build towers everywhere or lay down internet wires. This is where the satellite internet connection comes in.

SpaceX Starlink
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With just the use of a satellite and some communication devices, it will be possible to provide internet service anywhere on the planet. You must have heard about the ground control systems that must be built for the intercommunication satellites. Even that problem has been addressed by SpaceX by using lasers on satellites to connect together.

Yes, you could say that the internet connection is expensive. But it is still an excellent choice for those who don’t have internet connectivity in their area. People living in hilly regions or in sparsely populated areas where the internet is a myth could benefit significantly from SpaceX’s Starlink internet service.

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