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SpaceX’s Starlink internet is now available in more states

SpaceX’s Starlink internet is soon going to be available worldwide, as the company launches more satellites. The pre-order facility of the Starlink services is available in many more areas as compared to before. Areas that have got the $99 pre-order service are Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and some more areas of the US.

Elon Musk also confirmed that the cost of the service would be the same in all countries except the tax and shipping part. Well, even if that seems to be fair enough, the fact that rates should actually depend on the country’s market. Consider India, who will pay $99 bucks monthly for a 100 Mbps connection when it can get a 500 Mbps connection from Jio for a much lesser cost.

SpaceX’s Starlink internet

The pre-ordering of the services of SpaceX began on 8th February. And the company said that the services would be made available on a first-come-first-serve basis. This means if you are really enthusiastic about using a satellite internet connection, you just have to register as fast as possible. The service was already available in many areas like the northern US, UK and southern Canada. And the feedback from those customers was really great. Many even reported receiving speeds over the advertised 100 Mbps connection. And yes there are network drops from time to time, but that’s bound to get better with time.


SpaceX's Starlink internet

Image Source: Observer.com

As of now, the Starlink internet kit costs a total of $600 upfront, and after that, an additional $99 per month. Some users have been posting on the internet saying that they have pre-ordered the Starlink internet kit. At the same time, many others say that they are waiting for the prices to go down. An Australian user tweeted that has ordered the internet kit for his parents living in a rural area and called the tech “game-changing”. This really shows that the company is delivering onto what it said it would.

When could we expect it in India?

Well, I don’t think that the India launch is very far away. In fact, the company might launch the services in the country by the end of the year 2021. But one thing I am weary about is the comment made by Elon Musk. He said:

“It’s meant to be the same price in all countries. Only difference should be taxes & shipping.”

Why the heck will anyone be ready to pay a sum of $600 upfront to get a 100 Mbps connection when he/she could get the same for $50 or even cheaper, but yes users that don’t have broadband in their areas and can afford the cost, can take full advantage of it.

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