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Split ac vs Window ac which is best?

Before purchasing an AC, we buyers are stuck in the dilemma as to which is better window ac or split ac? In order to clear up this dilemma, we must know the difference between window ac and split ac. This blog will guide you selecting the best ac in your convenience and elucidate your preference. Also, it will state window ac vs split ac traits briefly so that you’re left with no doubts before buying an ac. 

Window vs split ac – what is your choice?


 Let’s begin to quench all your queries regarding the difference between split ac vs window ac.

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Why do we need to know the difference between Split Ac and Window AC?

Before moving onto the difference between window ac and split ac and getting to know split ac vs window ac which is best, you should be aware why it is worth your time researching about them. The foremost reason is once you buy an AC, it will last for 10 years at least; it is better to invest in the most apt one by researching rather than making a hasty impulsive decision. Furthermore, split ac vs window ac power consumption is really a crucial factor to be known as an Ac affects our electricity bills drastically. You ought to spend your money wisely .For that, let’s get to know window ac vs split ac traits.

Difference between Split Ac and Window Ac

In this today’s world, where AC is being considered as a common electrical device still till date people are filled with bewilderment that which one is worth spending on; split ac or window ac. Both ACs work on the same principle but as they have different capacities, so both are used for different places. This blog will educate you about Window ac vs split ac and help you make the most suitable purchase decision. Let’s get to the basic unavoidable factors of Window vs split Ac.


  • Price – The basic difference between window ac and split ac is the price. If you are looking for something cheaper than blindly opt for window ac. As in window ac vs split ac price, the split ac is costlier than the window ac even with the same montage. But on the other hand, it’s important that you don’t compromise with efficiency and make a balance. 


Split ac vs window ac power consumption makes a crucial role in price factor as more expensive the Ac is, it consumes less power. Read till the end to know about this decisive factor.



  • Cooling capacity – Window vs split ac cooling capacity is based on tonnage. Split Acs are made cooling for larger spaces and cool more efficiently than window Acs; that are designed for compact rooms.  Split Acs have multiple cooler units whereas, it is not possible to have multiple cool units in Window Acs.  So, it all depends upon the capacity and size of room where you’ll fit your Ac.




  • Maintenance – Another difference between window ac vs split ac is the maintenance. Window ac vs split ac maintenance has an apparent difference that split requires specialized recurrent maintenance as it is 2 units. On the other hand, serviceability for window ac is easy which has one unit. Keep digging more to know split ac vs window ac which is best.



  • Efficiency – Window vs split ac efficiency depends on EER(Energy Efficiency Ratio); amount of cooling Ac can provide per watt of electricity it consumes. Higher EER denotes the star rating based on Ac. Both split ac and window ac can have higher EER. But since, split ac has more models in BEE(Bureau of energy efficiency rate) compared to Window Ac. So, according to this preference one should go for split ac.
  • Noise – Window ac vs split ac noise factor states that split Acs are virtually silent or less noise but window Acs produce more noise because they work against the window. The compressor and inner blower are one unit residing in window AC which causes loud noise. But it’s not the case in split ac, it has separate units.
  • Aesthetics- Window vs split ac aesthetics are clear to differentiate too. Split Ac has taken over with this feature too as they’re designed according to the interior decor. Window Ac won’t be suited for this feature then. 
  • Split Ac vs Window Ac power consumption- The last factor and the most important difference between Split ac and window ac is split ac vs window ac power consumption. We all are aware of the fact that using Ac blows up our electricity bills and being a considerate fellow that we should use electricity wisely. Keeping all that in mind, you should opt for 5 star rated ac even if it is either of both. They would save your electricity bills and save the power. 

It is really important to invest on higher rated Ac rather than wasting it on a low rated one as it will soak all the money from electricity bills. This sums up split ac vs window ac power consumption.



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