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Spotify testing ‘Social Listening’ feature to multiple users add the songs

Swedish Music Streaming giant company Spotify is now working on testing a new feature called the “Social Listening” that would also let the multiple users add the songs and make playlists in the real-time scenario. For as of now, the feature is being internally tested by the Spotify Employees. It is as of now also remains unclear if the feature would roll out to its more than 100 Million users across the globe.

“Spotify is working on ‘Social Listening’, letting friends control music together with their own devices. Scan Spotify Code or open link for it to begin,” famed reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong tweeted on Friday.

The screenshots  Wong tweeted, hidden in the Android version of the Spotify, reveals the screen set up ready to let the users scan each other code or even share a link to create a shared queue.

Before this month, Spotify revealed that it is testing its first hardware – a voice-controlled music and podcast player for the cars called the “Car Thing”. The test will be limited to the US and the company will invite aa select few Spotify Premium users for the same.



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