Square's cash app is now supported by sellers

Square’s cash app is now supported by sellers as a payment option

Square’s cash app is now supported by sellers as a payment method. This has been made possible through the Cash App Pay, the payment method that works for both online and offline transactions. It was announced by Square on 13th September and is finally rolling out properly. The app allows users to pay by scanning the seller’s QR code with the app and making the payment.

More about Square’s cash app

The goal of this app is to bring more choice and variety with the payment methods offered to customers by the sellers. Square sellers will be able to offer this option to more than 70 million active customers bringing a better customer experience. The app makes it so easy to pay that it feels like a much easier thing to do.

Square's cash app is now supported by sellers

So, the fact that it is now available for all Square sellers will be a great thing. It will also make the lives of consumers a lot less hectic as their way of paying just got simpler. What Square announced is very similar to the UPI payment method we use in India. It is also Qr-based and is a one-tap payment method with a passcode.

Why is this important?

It is expected that Square will soon support Bitcoin, which will make the support of their app critical. If 70 million active customers now use Square’s cash app, and even 10% of them start paying with crypto in the future, it will be great for adoption. Square’s CEO Jack has been a pro-bitcoin person, and therefore, it is sure that sooner or later, the option will be added to their platform.

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