Tom Brady gifts fan 1 BTC for returning 600th TD ball

Tom Brady gifts fan 1 BTC for returning the 600th touchdown ball Evans mistakenly gave to the guy. It seems like the fan, Byron Kennedy, was sitting on the front row during the Sunday match. And during its time, Evans handed him the 600th touchdown milestone of Brady by mistake. A few moments later, when he was approached by team staff, he politely agreed to hand over the ball, which he could have very well refused. And that is why he is getting a Bitcoin now.

The gifts

After the game, when Kennedy was on NFL now, he made it clear that his goal of returning the ball was not money. He said that maybe a round of golf with Tom would be a great repayment. But he is getting a lot more.

He has been gifted two signed jerseys and a helmet from Brady himself. He also got $1,000 credits at the team store and two season passes for this year’s remaining matches and 2022. And if you are thinking all that’s really good, the other stuff will make you jealous. Tom Brady announced on Twitter by tagging FTX official saying that “Let’s get this guy a Bitcoin.” And it’s expected he will get it pretty soon.

What do we learn here?

If you are grateful and respectful, in most cases, you will get something out of it. In case the fan didn’t return the ball, he would have become a bad guy for keeping Tom’s momento of the 600th TD. At the same time, he would have also been painted as a bad person by the media. And the gifts, he wouldn’t have gotten any of th0se as well. It’s not that one should be grateful to get gifts or prizes, but it’s the natural thing to do.

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