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STALKER 2 will take up 180Gb of Xbox storage

The Xbox page for STALKER 2 has actually updated the game requirements information, showing that the video game will now require a whopping 180GB hard drive area. The game size is 180GB larger than the PC requirements listed for Stalker 2 on Steam. The digital store currently recommends that players prepare 150GB of storage space for the game.

Stalker 2

Credit @ GSC Game World

Xbox fans have been warned that the game may require up to 180GB of free space to install. According to the Xbox game page, the weight of the game on Xbox should be as high as 180GB. Stalker 2 will be very large, which may be due to the use of Unreal Engine 5, and will occupy a big chunk of the disk space provided by the Xbox Series S 512GB storage. Although these are early details and may change before release, Stalker 2 will soon be added to Xbox Game Pass, allowing fans to get the game without additional payment or to play on the cloud.

Stalker 2 will soon be added to Xbox Game Pass, allowing fans to get the game without additional payment. Stalker 2 will be available through Xbox Game Pass on the first day, giving subscribers the opportunity to experience the original graphics of the game for a small subscription fee.

Thanks to this, we learned that the game will indeed take up a large amount of disk space on our computers. It is unlikely that this will be the last game to take up that much – or even more – storage space, and perhaps gamers just need to get used to it, as advances such as increasing texture size and ray tracing are more resource intensive. While some fans initially objected to the idea that a video game requires 150GB of storage space, it looks like gamers will now need to create more space for a video game.

However, such a gigantic file size for just one game is still a concern, especially given that you only have about 512GB of free space on your Xbox Series S. Unfortunately, huge updates are currently common, but given that the S series only has 512GB of storage, which makes up a significant portion of the hard drive. It makes sense that new video games have fairly large file sizes, especially when ambitious developers are trying to take advantage of these next-generation consoles and graphics cards.

Unfortunately, the Xbox does not offer similar compression-decompression methods, so it seems like for the entire next generation, Xbox owners may be faced with the need to update their internal storage much earlier than PS5 owners. However, the custom internal NVMe SSD inside the Xbox Series S is custom designed and capable of charging at lightning speed, significantly helping to run X Series games, and there are a number of external hard drives, SSDs, and memory card solutions available to help increase storage space if you need it.

Now, just to confirm a few quick details, Stalker 2 will be one of the first next-gen exclusives with no ports for older consoles planned. Stalker 2 will not move to Xbox One to take full advantage of next-generation technologies. The long-awaited sequel to STALKER from GSC Game Worlds is one of the first Xbox Series S / X exclusives released after Microsoft released its flagship console in November 2020.



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