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Start-up Hubilo bags $4.5 Million in Seed Round led by Lightspeed Ventures

Hubilo is a virtual event platform based out of San Francisco that has recently raised USD 4.5 Million is a Seed funding round which was led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. Other participants of the funding round include LinkedIn India ex CEO- Nishant Rao, Helpshift CEO- Abhinash Tripathi, Slideshare Co-founder- Jonathan Boutelle and Freshworks Co-founder and CEO- Mathrubootham.

Hubilo was asked about the use of these freshly acquired funds to which Vaibhav Jain replied that the company aims to use these funds to develop the world’s first Smart Hub for Global Virtual Events. The idea is to integrate experience and technology intelligence together to lead the market place and unlock the market’s potential to bring value for stakeholders, especially Sponsors, Event Organisers and Chief Marketing Officers.

Credits: https://rb.gy/nojsdk

Furthermore, Jain added they plan to achieve this goal by the methods of integration and instrumentation that tracks event-related information and lead certainty, not to mention, tracking attendee engagement. Hubilo founder even expresses his gratitude on being backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners as the company ramps up its business with these new funding and aims to spread it across the United States and other countries across the globe as well.

Started back in 2015, the company has grown over 40 times in these five years and further expects to host more than 1 million attendees and $10 million bookings in the next few months, as mentioned by Jain in an interview.

United Nations, Informa markets, GITEX, Roche and Fortune are some of the most common clients of Hubilo.

The company also claims that they have witnessed repeat usage as the clients return in the EMEA, APAC and US markets. According to the statements issued by the company’s spokesperson, on an average, a Hubilo client has returned to the company with five more average to larger events with the span of last five to six months. An estimated number of attendees ranged between ninety to One Lakh.

Credits: https://rb.gy/8luxkb

Hubilo is witnessing a strong client loyalty which is tracked by their increasing expanded usage of the company’s services, consistent repetition and referrals, and thirdly, exponential traction. Jain mentioned in a statement that all clients have superlative comments on the experience and efficiency of the platform.

The platform offers a game-like experience to increase attendee engagement, but on the professional front, it provides deep integration with marketing platforms such as Salesforce and Marketo to provide insights and numbers to organisers and sponsors of the virtual events after which, the final ROI can be set.






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