Are You A Startup Founder Or An Entrepreneur?

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Startups, CEOs, CFOs, Entrepreneurs are all business jargon, which many find confusing. Until recently, even I didn’t understand the difference between Startup founders and Entrepreneurs. But now, having written so much about startups and business and after conducting a thorough research, I have a clear concept about these two. And if you also have doubts about how these two career choices are different, then read along.

Startups founders are basically people who start a company or create a business. They are the ones who come up with an idea to start a new product or service which is not available in the market already, or which, if available, is not common. They start a unique business plan, which may or may not become a monetary gain in the future. Their main focus is to make a new thing available to the world. They mostly work for fame.


On the other hand, entrepreneurs look into more financial gain. They build a business so that they gain more profit and make money out of it. They invest their money in a business and make it grow so that they can double up their invested money.

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In short, all startup founders are entrepreneurs, but not all entrepreneurs are startup founders.

The meaning of success differs for startup founders and entrepreneurs. While startup founders gain fame and glory in their business, entrepreneurs go for the money. If an entrepreneur creates a line of products, than it is vital for him to sell it for money. While for startup founders, selling the product is not of immediate importance. They wait for the product to grow and become well known in the public and then bother about the money.

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While entrepreneurs are fine with a small business as long as it’s making money, startup founders need to make their business big. Startup founders at constantly at a risk of harming the reputation of their business while entrepreneurs don’t have such major risks. Financial risk is the bigger risk for entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs put their money in their business, they run at a risk of losing their invested money.

This was basically the difference in monetary part of both the areas. Now let’s look into the motives of startups and entrepreneurship. In entrepreneurship, there exists a final goal. It may be delivering the products to the customers or getting paid for the services or something along that line. There is a always a final step that needs to be completed during entrepreneurship. But in startups, there exists no ultimate motive. They work to grow their businesses as much as they can. All online shopping websites can be called entrepreneurship while all social media sites can be called startups.


Looking at career prospective, startups are easier to build but they do not guarantee huge economical benefit. Meanwhile, entrepreneurship may be a bit difficult to start at first, but if successful, then it can get you a lot of money. So look at all criteria of both the fields before deciding with one is good for you.

Hope this cleared up, if not all then some doubts about startups and entrepreneurship. 🙂

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