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5 Startups That Pitched At Product Hunt Chennai Meetup

Meetups have been a part of Product Hunt since the early days. Hosting and supporting these events is an important part of the community’s growth and culture. In the last 3 years, the community’s hosted more than 300 meetups around the world and the last event in Chennai happened a couple of years ago.

On 29th July, much to the fanfare of a comeback event after 2 years, Product Hunt Chennai meetup happened at Freshworks office, SP Infocity Chennai. The event witnessed over 300 registrants interested in the event, that eventually turned out to be a full house on the event day.

The entire theme of the event is to provide a platform for fresh products developed in the city and enable them to gain the initial traction from the audience present at the event. The event which began at 6 pm on a Saturday evening, saw a cohort of 5 curated startups/products who are in the very early stages of launch or yet to launch.

Here is a small intro about the 5 startups who pitched during the event, incase you missed it!

Alchemy Boards

Alchemy Boards is developed as a platform for teams to answer questions with data. The platform allows users to quickly import data from cloud services like Google Analytics or Mixpanel with a simple data connector. The drag and drop interface makes building charts and dashboards a simple task without any prior programming knowledge or SQL to work with databases and APIs.

It allows teams to collaborate on a single data, mash disperate data, create your own KPIs and answer the hard questions from the information.

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is an Online Video Platform to create explainer videos, how-tos , training videos, customer testimonials, host videos and a video marketing platform. It is aimed at being a rapid content creation & sharing software for the busiest people ie sales and support.

It has a two way integration with popular support products, that ensures that all your videos are contextually available inside the support tool. It helps the support team to quickly create videos & screen-capture required for their sales and support lifecycle.


Insping – Simple Uptime & Performance monitoring tool which helps monitoring uptime/downtime, outages and performance of websites, APIs, web services, web applications with instant outage/down time alerts.

It is always on top of your web 24×7. With real time data and information about your site response time, it also lets you know if the tiniest thing goes amiss and with no delay.

Hybrid Soundbars

One of the only hardware product that pitched in the entire event was Hybrid Soundbars, a very early stage startup with a speaker device that can be connected with your automobile. The product which is timed before the arrival of Android Auto in India generated much interest among the audience in the crowd.


Shortfundly is a digital video platform to watch and share your short films. It helps you to get more views to your short films and obtain ratings for your film. This rating and feedback will help you to get an idea where you are good and where we need to improve your skill set.

It aspires to assist people to engage more with short film industry experts. It goals to become a place where anyone can watch and share short films and get funded for feature films. It aims to be a new home for young short film directors.

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