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Stay safe from these new Paytm Scammers

Paytm is one of the most used online banking platforms. Some even use it as their primary bank because of the convenience it brings. But, with the increased adoption of the platform, many Paytm scammers are trying to steal money from the user’s account. They do this by acting as Paytm representatives who will do your KYC verification.

How does the scam happen?

We all know that to unlock the full potential and features of Paytm, we need to do eKYC verification. So, these Paytm scammers try to exploit the situation and approach users through call/text as KYC representatives. The first step generally involves the user receiving a text and having to call back on a particular phone number to solve the issue. Or, the user might get a direct call from the scammer claiming to an official from Paytm.

Paytm scammers

Image Source: WEAU.com

Now, after this, the scammer may verify your name, DOB, phone number. And then they will ask you to download an app. This app is a TeamViewer app that let’s other people see your screen using a code. After installing the app, it will ask for all the permissions of your device and generate a 9 digit code.

Now, the Paytm scammer will ask the code for verification, and once he gets that baam, he has access to your screen. After this, he disconnects the call saying that KYC is verified. But, now, since he has access to your screen, he can look at all your ids, passwords, otps. And once e gets his hands on those, your account will be empty.

How to stay away from Scams?

Staying away from a scam is simple. You just need to keep somethings in mind. I am sure if you always remember these 3 points, then you will never be scammed:

  • If someone is asking you to pay something because you won something and will get a bigger amount, then it is a scam.
  • No company or bank calls you to verify details. They might ask you to come to the nearest branch. And even if they call, they won’t ask you to install an app or share any other information they don’t already have.
  • If someone calls and says, you that won have got an offer, you can claim via this and that, and you are not sure what to do. Then it’s best to disconnect the call and then contact the official customer executive regarding the same.

Have you ever been scammed? Do let us know in the comments below. If you found our content informative, do like, and share it with your friends. And please keep the mentioned points in mind to keep your banking details safe.




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