Stayzilla to host hackathon to hire best talent in the country


Bangalore, January 30, 2015– Stayzilla, the largest online marketplace for stays in India announced that it will host its ‘Data-to-product’ coding hackathon, on January 31 in Bangalore to engage new age developers and technology enthusiasts. Aimed at identifying and hiring the brightest minds in the industry, the hackathon is a 24-hour coding event that will require developers to build innovative web based as well as mobile applications from raw data, thereby presenting a pre-screened, qualified talent-pool for selection.

Stayzilla currently uses a technology stack comprising PHP, JAVA, MySQL and Node.js and the hackathon will give developers the option to code from multiple programming languages including MySQL, Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The event is also open for Android and iOS platform based application developers as well as for product managers who have experience in handling customer facing roles. The creators of the most inventive solutions will be given spot offers from Stayzilla along with other exciting prizes. The hackathon will be organised by Venturesity, a recruiting and talent platform.

“Stayzilla being a data driven organization aims to recruit people who carry a similar DNA and we are therefore hosting this challenge to attract the best engineering talent in the country. Hackathons are increasingly being used as a platform to hire fresh talent across technology firms and start-ups. We have adopted the data-to-product approach to give candidates a view of real life problems that they would encounter on their job in order to make them job ready when they join the firm”, stated Yogendra Vasupal, Founder and CEO, Stayzilla. “Today, the levels of creativity at hackathons are phenomenal and we want to use this potential for our growing business. We are focusing on a new class of technology enthusiasts who belong to a mobile generation and we expect to see some wonderful ideas come up at the event”, he added.

Prashant Koirala, Co-founder, Venturesity said, “It is an exciting opportunity for developers to showcase their skills and learn more about the exciting travel industry from one of the fastest growing online stay booking start-ups like Stayzilla. The participants will innovate as they like and will win prizes.”

Stayzilla aims to bring together energetic developers and engage them in a technology driven business mind-set in order to create specializations in the ‘Stay’ market. The positions offered will be based out of Bangalore and Chennai.

About Stayzilla

Stayzilla is the fastest growing player in India’s burgeoning travel ecosystem with over 20,000 properties across 1200 cities across the length and breadth of the country. Owned and operated by Inasra Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Stayzilla possesses a razor sharp focus and dedication in inflecting the overall Stay market in India including the relatively untapped alternative accommodation is the market leader in the budget and value stay segment in India. Stayzilla has been recognized as one of the Top 6 Internet start-ups by India’s premier start-up showcase event, Proto and the ‘Hottest Top 30 Start-ups’ label from Tata Nen.

About Venturesity

Venturesity is a platform where companies can discover top talent through challenges. Our challenges are real world projects that would help candidates showcase their job skills to prospective employers and build credibility into their profiles. Our challenges are in the form of Hackathons, Codesprints, Codejams and Online Contests. We also host Workshops, Bootcamps, and other learning resources to help you get through the challenge. For more information, see our website: