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Steam Next Fest will start October 1st

A few days ago, Valve announced the long-awaited Steam Next Fest, also known as Steam Game Festival, which will take place in the first week of October and will allow players to get their hands on a list of forthcoming PC titles. The second Steam Fest will give gamers a look inside a wide range of game demos for studios and indie developers, with one of the newest games offering free demos for a week. Valve and Steam have scheduled their latest multi-day celebration of upcoming games.

Steam Next Fest

Credit @ Valve

This will help Valve, of course, as you are more likely to buy games that get a little attention compared to blockbuster titles and consider Steam as a source of indie releases. Steam Next Fest is a new name, but it will still offer plenty of game previews and demos to players to try during the event. As Valve announced on the new store page, you can continue to play hundreds of game demos, see developer live streams, and chat with teams about their game progress.

At Next FEST, fans can follow developers’ live-stream and chat with the development team about the games appearing on Steam. Planned are not only developer live streams and interviews but also running games. In the past we have been able to try demo versions of many different games, in addition, to live streams, developer discounts, discussions, and other activities at the Demo Festival next Fests.

Hundreds of demos for upcoming games will be released on Steam from October 1-7. According to IGN, players will have the opportunity to experience the Steam release of No Mans Sky Creator Hello Games, The Last Campfire. You will see a number of upcoming games, including livestreams, chats, and highlighted demos.

During the event, hundreds of demos and previews of games will be available for those quiet types who want to browse and try out new games. Steam Fest for developers is a chance to receive feedback from fans about their upcoming games. In addition to access to demo games, the event will also include live streams from developers. Long-awaited by Steam and known as the Steam Game Festival, players can play free game demos, watch game previews, talk with developers and give feedback on new titles.

Steam Next Fest is a great opportunity for small developers to build an audience for their future games and to get early feedback from players on Steam. Games are organized in landing pages based on categories you selected when registering, based on tags used for your base game on the store page. Steam Next Fest shows live broadcasts of games on a schedule that allows you to choose between up to twice when your game will be broadcast and promoted on the live stream. Steam users can also download previews of demos and games from the festival and play them before the festival.

During the festival, Devs will have the opportunity to Livestream their games to potential players to see how to play your game and interact with the developers behind the game. For developers, the Steam Next Fest is also an opportunity to get feedback from fans about their forthcoming video games. It gives attendees access to sports demos.

Valve has announced that it will hold a major game demo in early October, which is guaranteed to be followed by the annual Steam Halloween sales. Steam has also released news encourage interested developers to submit their games for the Fest. Together with its partners, Valve reaffirmed that these are unreleased games that were or will be released between 7 October 2021 and 1 May 2022. There will be no next-generation games, nor will any festival games that didn’t start this year.



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