Stellantis to create four EV platforms with high level of flexibility

Stellantis announced its plans to invest 30 billion euros by 2025 for its electric lineup. This includes four electric vehicle platforms which will be capable of supporting 2 million vehicles every year. Furthermore, they will be designed with flexibility and parts sharing.

Stellantis outlines electric future: 98 percent of portfolio to be  electrified by 2025- Technology News, Firstpost
Image credits- First Post

Stellantis is the world’s fourth-largest automaker as it is formed as a result of 14 brands. It was made with a goal to gain 5 billion euros to accelerate cleaner mobility and in annual synergies.  Santo Ficili, Stellantis country manager for Italy stated, “The four platforms are designed with a high level of flexibility and parts sharing, to create scale economies. In this way, each platform will be able to support (the production of) up to 2 million units every year”

The company aims to make the cost of an EV equal to a gas-powered vehicle. By 2030, the automaker aims to have 70% low emission vehicles in Europe. Ficili mentioned that the cost of production for electric vehicles is higher. By reducing the manufacturing costs, it is possible to reduce the price of the vehicle. As more cars are manufactured, with better financing and additional extensive charging the costs could be reduced.