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Strengthened Our Talent Pool With 19,230 Graduates From India, Says Infosys

Infosys Chairman Nandan Nilekani said the company had strengthened its talent pool further by attracting 19,230 graduates from India and 1,941 from abroad to meet its customer’s “growing demand for digital acceleration”. Nilekani said Infosys had built up a credible marketplace in the world of digital businesses, consulting, and supplier selection over the past three and a half years. At $14.1 billion, its mammoth peak transformation offer was excessive, 66 percent of which was online and new, he said.

According to Nilekani, Infosys will reach industry-leading 5% steady-value growth in 2020-21 to make a total of $136 billion. In the current fiscal year, the company expects sales to increase by 12 to 14 percent in local currency. This huge transformation deal will reach a record high of about $141 billion, 66% of which is not new, he said.

Nilekani said the industry will deliver healthy revenue growth of 5 percent in constant currency for a total of $13.6 billion in 2020-21. He mentioned that the Infosys industry is led by healthy earnings growth with 5 percent fixed foreign money for the same period.

Infosys chairman

In his speech at the 40th Annual General Meeting of the company, he pointed out that the IT services company has been able to provide market-leading services in the digital age after the pandemic for years. He also stressed on Saturday that it was important to maintain and strengthen the center of excellence by recruiting 19,330 graduates from India and abroad to meet the growing demand for electronic speed.

Last year Infosys, India’s largest IT company announced plans to employ 12,000 American workers over the next two years, increasing its hiring commitment in India to 25,000 in five years. The company is also expanding its U.S. hiring commitment to 25,000 by 2022, with an additional 12,00 new American jobs created across all sectors. We are expanding our engagement in the United States to 25,000 employees by 2022 and adding 12,000 brand new American roles in a range of roles, “he said.

The company plans to double its Canadian workforce to 4,000  by 2023 and has announced plans to create 1,000 digital jobs in the UK to boost growth after a pandemic. Currently, 96.5 percent of employees in 98 percent of countries work from home.

Nandan Nilekani said Infosys had increased its financial commitment to COVID-19 support and the company would support community initiatives across the nation.

Chairman Nandan Nilekani said that the company had been in an important position in the digital age in an important position after the pandemic. The unprecedented technological transformation driven by the cloud, digitization, and business models is becoming the next normal in the US, he told the company’s 40th annual general meeting.



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