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Super Bowl featured twice as many automotive ads than last year

According to Cars.com, the automotive ads in Super Bowl have doubled compared to last year. A total of 7 brands were represented and eight commercials were highlighted, among which most of them are showcasing electric cars. Accordingly, there is an increase in viewership as well, Super Bowl saw an increase of 217% in its automotive brand page in general.

Automakers EV ads at this year's Super Bowl

Image credits- The Next Web

Meanwhile, it saw a 2,361% increase in visits to pages for the specific makes and models features during the big game, which were mostly EVs. Clearly, people watching the Super Bowl saw the EV ads and wanted to search for more information. (Or people wanted to see the ads, automakers competing against each other with counter ads.)

Polestar, a new and relatively unknown brand among the masses, saw the biggest spike on Cars.com. Polestar’s ad was relatively bold, indirectly mentioning more than a few of its competitors. The publication admits that its Polestar page didn’t get much action prior to the big game, but experienced an increase of over “580x” during the Super Bowl. The overall winners are stated to be as follows:

  • 921% — Kia brought the cuteness factor with a lost electric pup chasing its owner in Kia’s EV6.
  • 782% — BMW “Zeus and Hera” electric-themed commercial promoted the BMW iX.
  • 341% — Toyota Tundra features multiple celebrities in a Joneses’ Tundra race.
  • 120% — Nissan’s star-studded action commercial shined the spotlight on the Nissan Ariya and Nissan Z.
  • 58% — GM’s Chevy recreated the classic “Sopranos” series featuring the onscreen daughter and son of the famed central character to promote the all-electric Chevy Silverado. The gas-power version of the truck also saw a 115% boost from the throw-back commercial.
  • 14% — GM’s corporate brand leaned on the nostalgia of Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil character, putting the GMC Hummer EV, electric Chevy Silverado and Cadillac Lyriq from the company’s EV lineup centerstage. The 90s ensemble cast scored a 187% jump for all GM EVs combined.


Furthermore, Cars.com goes on to say that EV commercials were the true MVP in the Super Bowl this year, with a whopping 75% of automaker commercials focused on the new technology. This is a really big deal since Cars.com points out that at any given time, some “5% of households in a local market are looking to buy a car.” Super Bowl indicates that car shoppers are specifically looking at the EV ads, possibly with a positive opinion on buying an EV. Also, it seems like they’re starting to feature electric SUVs and electric pickup trucks are working to increase interest in electric vehicles.



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