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Tableau releases first integration with Einstein Analytics

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Analytics platform, Tableau has marked its first integration by incorporating Einstein discovery. This is expected to be a compelling development that can put businesses in line with success. After the CRM giant, Salesforce acquired Tableau in 2019, this will mark their first step to integration.

The update was released on Tuesday, when Tableau announced the launch of its new platform, Tableau 2021.1, with Einstein Discovery. Einstein Discovery is a no code tool, a part of Saleforce’s Einstein Analytics Platform. It utilizes machine learning and AR to facilitate predictive modelling in addition to prescriptive recommendations. The plans for the integration were disclosed in November 2020 during the vendor’s virtual conference by Adam Selipsky, CEO of Tableau and chief product officer, Francois Ajenstat.

The inclusion of Einstein Discovery in Tableau basically works around the framework of intelligent foresight, ticking off one major business characteristic, namely, prudence. Predictions and what-if’s will be a part of business models without the added burden of writing code. Through the integration, Tableau also takes its first step to business science, the term that defines the accessibility of data science abilities to users, directed by AI and machine learning. In other words, business intelligence will no longer be the exclusive domain of highly trained analysts and specialists. Business science will bring down the barriers that block the vendor’s accessibility to complex data science. In the words of Francois Ajenstat,

“Business science is about lowering the barrier to advanced data science by enabling regular business people to build predictive models, build simulations and do scenario planning. It is all about bringing the power of data science to those business users.”

According to Ajenstat, this would be a rather huge undertaking carried out with the prime objective of democratizing analytics and thereby creating a new market. The integration of Einstein Discovery will also put Tableau in line with the advanced analytics capabilities of its competitors.

The integration also adds to Tableau’s quest of augmented analytics. It is also expected to cement Tableau’s position among the top advanced BI platforms. Apart from the inclusion of Einstein Discovery, the Tableau 2021.1 sports various other capabilities like improved Microsoft Azure connectors, Backing for Azure Active Dictionary facilitated by the existing connectors, a new extension gallery, an update to Tableau’s natural language query feature- Ask Data, a redefined notification experience and so on.

As per the reports, integration of Einstein Discovery is only the beginning of the story. More integrations are being worked upon to add to the efficiency and easy access. The integration will be further polished to ensure maximum ease and effectiveness when it comes to data access.

In the words of Ajenstat,

 “This is the beginning of an exciting journey for us. This is one of those capabilities customers see as changing what they can do with Tableau and unleashing a new kind of analytic power that was not available in the product.”