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Taking Screenshots will now be tracked by Chinese social media Sites

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Credits: Banglore Mirror

It is a very common way of sharing messages that people feel are important, but sometimes these screenshots create a lot of problems among people. This has created privacy issues, especially when people share vital information that must be kept private. One such information comes from China where some Chinese social media sites have put some hidden watermarks that are traceable. Through this, they can track the information about the place and user who has sent the screenshot.


Watermarks on Screenshots


This new feature that is introduced by some Chinese social media apps has been created so as to stop the sharing of private information and this will also prevent the sharing of censored information. Also, this information has been given by a Chinese analyst. Chinese social media users have also discovered some watermarks on the screenshots that they took. The people firstly discovered this feature on Zhihu, which is a questions and answer app like quora. People noticed that as soon as they took a screenshot they saw numbers around the screenshot that they took and got an idea that this screenshot can tell who took it and who sent it. 


Censored and Private Content


This is not the first time that such features are being introduced in the market and especially on social media. Many such apps are there that strictly prohibit the act of taking a screenshot. These features help to stop the practice of censored content from spreading. The Chinese government also said that such new features have been introduced so as to stop the spread of censored content. If the prohibited content spreads quickly then it would affect the domestic platforms a lot. Techniques like watermarking and copyright have been into use since ages. These help to provide authentication on the content and stop pirated creations as well. It creates protection with the content that is yours. In the world of internet and cyber crime it becomes very crucial for the governments to have such plans to stop the spreading of illegal and private information. Also, it is essential to stop censored information from spreading. The Chinese government have taken stricter steps to control such problems that would help in the future.




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