Simple, Effective & Getting Popular – Vehicle & People TrackKing by Tapadia Tech


Tapadia Tech, a product company with more than 14 years of experience, has come up with 2 new products – vehicle tracking and mobile workforce (people) tracking. These products have been created by TrackKing, a subsidiary of Tapadia Tech, and allow you to manage your business assets and resources on the ground effectively, providing access to vital information that helps improve your services and reduces cost.

Need For A Tracking Application

The way business is done in India is changing. Earlier brands showcased products to consumers through advertisements and consumers then walked up to the stores to buy them. Today brands are taking products straight to consumer’s home. Consumers are now in a position to order anything right from food to cabs to diamonds to services (hyperlocal) – through the tap of a button on their mobile phones.

This has led to a tremendous increase in amount of on the field workforce as well as on road vehicle inventory which is increasing exponentially and is only going to increase in times to come. These newly added segments along with the already existing transport ecosystem and on the field workforce such as sales, marketing and field agents is making it more and more necessary for companies to have an extremely efficient field tracking system in place to manage their operations effectively and remain profitable as well as sustainable.

TrackKing by Tapadia Tech

TrackKing by Tapadia Tech is a web application built keeping in mind the needs of the target industries. “We wanted to create an application that everyone could use easily and therefore simplicity was our main focus while creating this product,” says Jay Tapadia of Tapadia Tech.

The product is available in the form of a web application and a mobile application.

The product allows you to track the location of your mobile workforce and vehicles in a few seconds by simply sending out an SMS. “We have simplified the process to have only one step – sending an SMS. You no more need to login into the app and check for updates,” says Jay.

The vehicle is tracked by a monitoring device installed in the vehicle that continuously tracks the position of the vehicle which user can access either through SMS or on Maps.The app can be configured to be used in any language and is compatible on all devices and therefore can be easily and effectively used by any one.

The application provides access to various detailed reports giving you information such as vehicles location, the number of miles covered by the vehicle, number of stops taken by the vehicle, over speeding , parking status, tamper protection of the device installed in the vehicle and more.

The application also allows you to set up various alerts if you want to be informed about any particular type of activity of the vehicle.

Similarly, the people tracking application gives you access to the location of your field workforce thereby allowing you to respond to customer queries with a minimum turn around time.

Benefits of TrackKing

Quick response times, cost effectiveness and ability to predict business cycles are some of the benefits of this TrackKing application that will help in creating profitable and sustainable organizations.

Improved efficiency

In this extremely competitive business environment where the quickest and the most agile business is bound to take a lead position, a tracking system that helps you understand the location of your vehicles and workforce will let you cater to your customers quickly.  A reduced response time, fuel efficiency, better management of resources thereby  leads to and improves operational efficiency and cost effectiveness of your business.

An improved fuel efficiency as a result of using this product has been highly appreciated by the company’s clients. By just paying out very nominal amount per month, customers are able to get a 3% to 5% improvement in fuel efficiency which is being highly appreciated in the industry.


Improved productivity

Knowing the exact location of your field workforce will allow you to manage the schedule of your workforce better by giving them more appointments in the same area in which they are currently operating. It will also help you cater to any urgent and important deals in the quickest possible way. Your workforce will thereby spend most of their time actually getting you more business rather than in traveling from one location to another distant location thereby improving the productivity  and morale of your workforce.

Fraud Detection and Control

To stay competitive, scaling is a very important factor and to scale, we end up hiring a large amount of workforce, a number of whom we cannot completely trust. Entrusting employees with our high cost vehicles can sometimes lead to harmful consequences. A tracking system will help you to detect such fraud quickly and respond to cases of stolen vehicles or use of vehicle without authorization in no time.


The Creators of TrackKing

TrackKing is a Product of Tapadia Tech – a company  founded by Jay & Vijay Tapadia 14 years ago in May 2001 in Hyderabad, India. Tapadia Tech provides services in areas such as SAP Support, Mobile Apps Development, Web Application Development, Telecom Solutions, Call Center & 2D 3D Animation, VFX. It has clients across 5 continents in 60 countries.

The two products by TrackKing are being very well received by their customers.The company is currently in talks with a number of big customers and is well poised to sell around 10,000 devices quickly. Once the company creates a stronghold in the Indian market, they will soon enter into overseas market.