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Tata Power CSC to set up 10,000 solar microgrids in rural areas

The government’s e-governance service arm Common Service Center (CSC) is making an alliance with Tata Power in setting up 10,000 solar microgrids in India’s rural areas.

When Saubhagya made mini grid projects redundant, Tata Power capitalised | Business Standard News
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Their alliance will speed up the Indian government’s initiatives on replacing expensive fuels. Such as kerosene with microgrid power which would reduce energy consumption and fulfill the economic needs of the people.

Solar microgrids set-up

On Thursday, Tata power comes up with the word in establishing 10,000 microgrids together with CSCs to keep up with the needs of the rural people. If this happens, it will open employment opportunities in the villages. According to CSCs, this initiation will create 20,000 job opportunities for rural youth. With at least 2 people in each panchayat verdict CSC e-Governance Services India Managing Director Dinesh Tyagi. Furthermore, Tyagi said in a statement to the press,

“This partnership will increase energy access. And provide an economic opportunity to the company by providing off-grid or microgrid power. This will help rural customers move away from burning relatively expensive fuels. Like, kerosene and can provide basic energy services and meet economic needs.”

Last year, India initiated a scheme, ‘One Sun One World One Grid’ (OSOWOG). This initiative was for India to meet global standards. Like other countries, India too could use the same transmission system. With support from the Indian government, Tata Power can achieve those goals on time. The plan initiated by Narendra Modi was to supply 1,000 GW solar power throughout the globe. This initiative is expected to cost $1 Trillion for the government.

Transforming India

With the establishment of the microgrids, the power consumption will be low-cost and more standard than the fuel power. These microgrids will be supported by the CSC’s VLEs (Village Level Entrepreneurs) at the ground level to deliver quality connections to the rural people. Those VLEs will be trained to install these grids for both domestic and commercial purposes.

CSC CEO Sanjay Kumar Rakesh said the association,

“With Tata Power’s help it reach out to farmers and rural enterprises with clean energy solutions. And will not only create new employment opportunities for Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs). But also offer Tata Power a grasp over the potential rural market. This will help the local entrepreneurs to improve the market locally. Also, VLEs are allowed to maintain 24 hours supply of electricity through BharatNET in villages.”

Furthermore, this has been initiated already in five villages of Lakshmipur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh and will be in full motion in the majority of places of India.

CSC also put forward an appeal to support in producing rental solar pumps. Thus supporting approximately 6000 Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO) to encouraging farmers to achieve more across the country.