TCL’s rollable phone concept seems like tech of the future

We all talk about how cool foldable displays are, but I think they are not the future; rollable’s are. One such device of the future was showcased by TCL at CES. TCL’s rollable phone concept was shown at the CES press conference. The device was in a user’s hand and was expanding and retracting very smoothly. We should know that the display was a printed OLED or LCD panel. This latest visual treat that TCL offered us was the successor of their previous generation rollable concept.

More about TCL’s rollable phone concept

The head of the ‘X-lab’ at TCL said that the device could transform between a 6.7-inch smartphone yo a 7.8-inch tablet with the press of a button. The device also seems to be very reflective as the concept of the device shows a woman using it as a mirror. I honestly don’t know is that supposed to be a pro or a con. Till now, we had only seen concepts by the company. But TCL did confirm that it is going to release a smartphone with a flexible display in 2021. But it is not definitely confirmed whether it will be a foldable or a rollable.

The new technology showcased by the company has a variety of uses. TCL said it could be used in foldable displays, commercial tv screens, flexible TVs, and more. Another advantage that a rollable screen has over a foldable one is the fact there won’t be any creases on it. This is one of the prime reasons that we say foldable displays aren’t ready yet. Plus, having the display roll in the device allows for a much better form factor when using the device in normal mode.

The 17-inch rollable display

TCL shows off new rollable phone and scrollable display at CES 2021 - Video - CNET

TCL also showcased another concept of a much larger 17-inch rollable display. This device is rolled in a compact rod-shaped form-factor making it very easy to carry and store. The use case of this large display was shown as a hiker popped it out of his bag and opened it to check the map. It can also be a great device to enjoy content on the go as it will easy to carry and won’t even be much heavy.

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