Telegram announced its latest update lets you import WhatsApp chat history

In a previous article, we discussed how Signal is getting features inspired by WhatsApp. The latter’s new privacy policy has created havoc among the users and saw them migrating to apps like Telegram and Signal. Both the Instant messaging apps are leaving no stones unturned to utilize the opportunity to ensure that the new growth doesn’t stop. 

New update – Blow to WhatsApp

Telegram in its new update, version 7.4 which was released yesterday, the instant messaging app has announced that it has added a new feature that will allow the users to import your WhatsApp chat history. 

This seems like a heavy blow to Facebook’s WhatsApp which was already witnessing the shift in its users. Evidently, Telegram gained 25 Million new users in a span of a few days, this month. With this new feature, Telegram is perhaps making sure that its users don’t have any reason to look back at WhatsApp. 

Telegram update import WhatsApp
Telegram texted its users the same

Reportedly, it has also crossed the 500 active users mark, globally. Tech experts believe that while Telegram has great privacy features, including the secret chat ability. But its WhatsApp’s new policy that has fueled their rise. 

This new feature is available for both Android and iOS, Telegram’s 7.4.1 version. The 7-year-old app, which is also considered the safest version for instant messaging, also declared that you can import chat histories from apps like KakaoTalk and Line. Telegram will allow you to continue your conversation from these apps, provided that both the users have a telegram account. 

How to export from WhatsApp to Telegram?

The migration of chats works for both group chats and individual conversations on WhatsApp. But it should be noted that the process functions on a chat-by-chat basis. 

To import your chat from WhatsApp to Durov brother’s instant messaging app, follow these steps on your iOS – 
For Android users, follow these steps –

Here’s how you can move your chats to Telegram if you’re on Android.

Telegram update export WhatsApp

So, now you can enjoy continuing your old conversations from apps like Whatsapp, Line, and KakaoTalk through the new update of Telegram, which let’s you import your chats.