Tesla autopilot’s remarkable improvements recorded video in last 9 months

Often Tesla’s FSD updates are released and impressive features are added. Here is a video shared by a Tesla owner, where the autopilot updates show real improvements in July 2021. The changes which were improved include, FSD fluctuating prior to a turning road, turning right, parking, phantom braking, and many more.

Implications Of Tesla FSD Beta If It Cuts Crashes Dramatically? |  CleanTechnica
Image credits- Clean Technica

The recent update level of autonomy is not classified yet. However, there are some known things which are yet to be improved. Like the summon feature which Elon Musk himself told that it is a fun trick, which is yet to be fully developed. Back in 2020, the FSD Beta was seen to need human assistance on multiple occasions when it wasn’t a straight road. Also, initially, the vehicle stopped on a straight road.

After observing the drive on the same road again, its difference can be noticed easily. The car seems to be more confident about its turns, straight path, parking, and other features. It was quick and needs less intervention from the driver. All the observations were posted by James Locke, and compiled by Youtuber ElonX.

Interestingly the car needs more improvements, yet drivers aren’t criticizing it. Many FSD users already used or saw the videos shared by users earlier. Being aware of the updates personally is getting along with Tesla’s aim to achieve a fully autonomous version. The compilation video also shows the difference between night and daytime drives. During the night, the car could take a turn smoothly.

Getting ready for Robotaxis

Tesla is currently prepping to integrate its Supercomputer Dojo and Tesla hardware. On the upcoming AI day on August 19, more details about future updates will be revealed. Last month a well-known Tesla user on Twitter stated that Tesla FSD is ready for Robotaxis.

Combining Tesla’s existing remarkable self-driving technology with AI is expected to bring more results. Solving real-life solutions would start to unveil as Tesla also announced that their AI chip, Dojo chip will have more scope beyond their fleet.