YouTube Shorts

YouTube finally begins to monetize ‘Shorts’ creators

YouTube Shorts
Source: Adweek

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular video streaming platforms, rather it is the default platform for streaming videos and showcasing them if you are a creator. We all know this stuff! What you might also know is the company’s monetization schemes and how it incentivizes creators on the platform for creating content and uploading them on YouTube. This is a major catalyst in bringing more and more creators to the platform and as a consequence, there are billions of people who are creators and streamers associated with YouTube.

Having said that, YouTube recently introduced a USD 100 million creator fund for Shorts creators on the platform. I guess, it was no surprise that YouTube will employ the same strategy to grow its short video platform and lure more creators to create content for YouTube Shorts.

Well, Google’s YouTube has finally begun with its plan to monetize shorts creators with its USD 100 million creator fund. This also turns out to become another way for creators to earn money from YouTube, creating videos! YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms and creating a 100-million-dollar fund just to get people to embrace creating shorter videos is a good strategy, period.

YouTube Shorts just came out of beta and now the company is dropping a surprise to get more and more creators on the platform, just like it did with YouTube. If you haven’t checked out Shorts as yet, I highly recommend you to do it because people are creating some amazing short videos, worth watching.

According to reports, YouTube is offering between USD 100 and USD 10,000, depending on multiple criteria but most of all, how people react to a creator’s video. Of course, there is a complete engagement metric system that is kept under consideration along with YouTube’s community guidelines and copyright policies. Another point of bonus is that in order to get paid for your Shorts video, you don’t need to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program, as mentioned in a report by Engadget.

Other than this, YouTube Shorts’ original inspiration came from the popular short video platform- TikTok that has revolutionized the short video format around the globe, even Facebook Inc. got inspired by it and stole the idea to create Instagram Reels. Although, TikTok created a similar creators fund but with USD 200 million which is double than what YouTube has started with.

YouTube is an altogether OG and can nobody bring the multi-billion platform down. Its Shorts platform is fairly new but choosing to pay creators for their videos is a great strategy to attract more creators to the platform. This is definitely the first of what YouTube has to offer for Shorts and as the community is growing, creators are motivated to create more content and streamers are more enthusiastic to watch that great content.