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Tesla China sales in August sets a record with a 34% monthly stride

Tesla China sales in August are out and the factory continues to be an export hub as there is a 34% increase in sales from July and a 32% increase in sales from May. Giga Shanghai reported 31,379 export units and 12,885 domestic sales. The company was effectively able to sell 44,264 units in the month of July.

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Compared with Tesla’s over sales, the factory in China is shining. The company was able to sell a total of 32,968 units including the exported units of 24,347 vehicles in July. It is also known that the domestic sales include 6,477 Model 3 units and 2,144 Model Y.

There were severe chip shortage issues, the factory had to be shut down for 4 days in August. However, the surge in sales continued amid the crisis. If there was no shortage, it is speculated that the sales could have increased even more. However, the current values are more than the predicted units by some Tesla Bulls. Where @TroyTeslike had predicted close numbers to the actual results. @TroyTeslike mentioned the predicted total sales to be 37,694 units. Compared to the original sales of 44,264 vehicles, the company surpassed the prediction by a large number.

Export hub

Tesla Giga Shanghai is continuing to be an export hub. So far, despite the increasing demand in many countries in Europe, the Fermont factory was not fully able to fulfill the deliveries. In the month of March, Tesla in China’s reputation was damaged as a customer rallied. Then export units were able to keep their sales in the country high with export units. From then, there is a continuous growth in its sales.

Evidently, there are more export units than domestic sales. Tesla China usually concentrates on the first two months of a quarter to export, as it may take more than a few weeks to reach other countries. Which would mean that in September the domestic sales are to increase and export sales will decrease.

Despite all the evaluations, Giga Shanghai is continued to be a hub of activity as the Model 3 and Model Y cars can be seen manufacturing, and sold out. Last year, Tesla was able to produce  509,737 units, among which it delivered 499,550 units. This year the factory in China increased its capacity to produce 450,000 units every year. As the increasing sales show promising results, the following sales for the company are also predicted to increase. The company did note that it will be beating its productions ales in 2021 compared to 2020.



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