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Tesla Cybertruck needs 8,000-ton Giga Press to support 6.5ft bed

Tesla Cybertruck needs an 8,000-ton Giga press, and Elon Musk explained in Giga fest why the vehicle needs it. He says that the truck would require it because of its 6.5 feet bed. Tesla Model y required a 6,000-ton Giga press, which was revolutionary of its own. Now, Cybertruck’s need for an extremely large rear cast is bringing another revolution in technology.

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Image credits- Teslarati

Musk said during the fest, “Cybertruck will actually have an even bigger casting because of the truck bed. It’s going to have probably an 8,000-ton press or something like that. It’s pretty wild.” Cybertruck is one of the most availed vehicles for many reasons. While Tesla community has been wanting to have deliveries of their electric pickup. As an electric pickup from Rivian is already in the market, there is expected some tough competition.

Looking at the vehicle, it is clear enough that the bed and other parts required loads of steel for building the vehicle. It’s rear mega cast would be making the vehicle extremely rigid. As the vehicle is being built for rigid work in real life, such rigidity is highly preferable. Ever since the unveiling of Cybtertruck, Elon Musk has been showing the ways the vehicle could be using. It was seen in New York Streets roaming like a regular car, and also seen when it was in a construction site.

Bigger machines for the cast

Musk stated, “We’re actually going to be using even bigger casting machines for the rear body of the Cybertruck because it’s a bigger vehicle, and you’ve got a long truck bed that’s going to support a lot of loads. So we’ll be using an 8,000-ton casting press for the rear body casting as opposed to the 6,000-ton for the Model Y,”

Furthermore, Cybertruck’s bed is unique. It has been called by the company a “vault”. Something like a steel cover that seals the cargo. There are many videos showing the opening on the closing of the vault. Evidently, the Cybertruck needs any tonnes of cast much more than Model Y.

Additionally, as the vehicle needs a motorized cast, the technology developed to build it is next generation. Such kind of design adds to the aerodynamics of the vehicle. There have been many hints in the past that this bed is going to have solar panels. However, there are not many details on the same except the patent Tesla applied for.



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