Switzerland's Postal Service Uses Polygon ($MATIC) Blockchain
Image Source: Polygon Technology

Switzerland’s Postal Service Uses Polygon ($MATIC) Blockchain

Switzerland’s national postal office is intending to introduce the ” Swiss Crypto Stamp.”

Swiss Post, which “issues around 50 different new stamps each year,” announced on November 25 that it will “launch a very different type of stamp, representing a milestone in Swiss stamp history – the Swiss Crypto Stamp, the first of its kind in Switzerland,” which will allow Swiss Post to “bridge the gap between the physical world of stamps and the digital crypto-universe.”

Switzerland's Postal Service Uses Polygon ($MATIC) Blockchain
Image Source: Polygon Technology

The crypto stamp from Swiss Post is described as follows: “The Swiss Crypto Stamp appears to be a regular stamp at first view. It has a face value of 8.90 francs, is self-adhesive, and features the Matterhorn and the moon on a blue background. It can be used to frank postal articles in the same way as any other stamp can. The crypto stamp, on the other hand, is a digital collector’s item. Every physical Swiss Crypto Stamp contains a link to a blockchain-based digital stamp.“

According to a report by Cointelegraph, a Swiss Post official said: “Each design is stored in the Polygon Blockchain as a nonfungible token”. On September 20, the Swiss Post announced the imminent debut of the “Swiss crypto stamp,” a digital collection tied to a real stamp worth 8.9 Swiss francs produced by the postal service.

The Swiss crypto stamp will be kept on a blockchain and will serve as a digital representation of a physical stamp. “Each design is recorded in the Polygon Blockchain as a nonfungible token,” a Swiss Post spokesman informed Cointelegraph.

Through a QR code placed next to the physical stamp, buyers will be able to find a digital twin of their physical stamp online. The image of the crypto stamp will be one of 13 possible designs, and it will be available for collection, exchange, and trading online, according to the Swiss Post.

The following was included in the news release: “When buyers buy a Swiss Crypto Stamp, they have no idea which digital design is associated with it.” When buyers go online, they can see what the digital twin of their actual stamp looks like. A QR code printed next to the physical stamp can be used to access this. Customers can examine their digital crypto stamp online by scanning this code.

“What’s more, the digital crypto stamps are available in 13 various patterns.” Some are more common, while others are extremely uncommon and highly sought for. The most common digital design has 65,000 copies, whereas the rarest has only 50. One thing is certain: the Swiss Crypto Stamp signifies that stamp collecting, exchanging, and trading has also gone digital.

“On November 25, 2021, the Swiss Crypto Stamp will be released in an edition of 175,000. From this day, Switzerland’s first crypto stamp will be offered at selected Swiss Post branches.”

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