Tesla demonstrates Cybertruck’s rear-wheel steering but it’s barely noticeable

In a short video, Tesla shows off the Cybertruck’s rear-wheel steering, but don’t blink because it’s barely apparent. For electric pickup trucks on the market, rear-wheel steering is swiftly becoming a must-have feature.

GMC kicked off the dance by displaying “Crab Mode” on the Hummer EV with rear-wheel steering.

Since then, several other automakers have announced rear-wheel steering, including Tesla, which released the Cybertruck last year.

Tesla’s CEO has hinted at various changes to the Cybertruck for the production version, which has been put back to 2023. One of them is rear-wheel steering, although the truck is also likely to include a quad motor version and other features.

Over the last few months, a new prototype of the Cybertruck has been discovered, and it revealed a couple of these modifications, such as the lack of door handles, but we’ve never seen the rear-wheel steering in action.

Tesla was seen toying with the function on one of the Cybertrucks they brought to the Gigafactory Texas Cyber Rodeo last week:

Later on, we expect Tesla to show off some more remarkable techniques, such as GM’s Crab Mode or Rivian’s Tank Turn.

After repeated delays, Musk finally announced a firm deadline for delivering the Cybertruck in 2023.

Since removing specs and pricing from its website last year, the automaker has yet to provide a meaningful update on the electric pickup truck.

While the prototype at Gigafactory Texas last week included new capabilities like rear-wheel steering, it didn’t appear to be a close-to-production version, particularly when it came to the steel exoskeleton. The steel body panels of the electric pickup truck appeared to be bent.

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