Tesla FSD Beta 10 early access drives show smooth but aggressive driving

As announced by Elon Musk earlier, the FSD Beta 10 was released to some selected groups of testers. Testers share their experience with the self-driving system, evidently, the updates are mind-blowing. However, it was scary for some testers, and also a smooth ride as they didn’t hit any other car or object.

Tesla FSD Beta 10 is Coming in September Says Elon Musk, Retrained NN Needs  a Month for Public Button | Tech Times
Image credits- Tech Times

Some UI changes can be observed, like the icons on the left side were rearranged for both Model Y and Model 3. Also, the driving visualizations were cleaned up. Furthermore, the testers reported that the vehicle now drives like a human driver. Much like a driver with a little more experience. Below is the video shared by Tesla Raj,

Tesla Raj has been using the FSD software since October 2020. He noted that the advanced driver-assist system feels better and is more solid. The videos shared by the tester show that the turning points and roundabouts were handled smoothly.

Another video was shared by Tesla Daily on Youtube. Initially, the tester started the self-driving software, and the vehicle was turning with much more confidence. Which made the driver say, “This has been very uncomfortable so far.” It was quick and smooth as well. Later the drive becomes very smooth, and the driver begins to feel at ease. He added, “Okay…we didn’t hit anything but that was insane,”

Later during the ride, at one stop the car slows down, and the other stop sign after that didn’t stop the car. But the vehicle stops for traffic lights perfectly. Most highlight of the ride is that it is much faster than earlier FSD Beta versions, with confidence the ride is an extremely new experience for drivers.

Accurate visuals

Furthermore, another tester shared a video, saying “The visuals are more accurate and pronounced. No more jumping off the world around.. check it out. Edges of the roads stay instead of twitching.”

Earlier the visuals kept changing a bit, where an object could come and go don’t the visuals. Though the ride was smooth earlier despite jumping visuals, this also increases Tesla driver’s confidence to drive around in the vehicle. Though the reviews vary slightly, all testers seem to agree that the new update is “mind-blowing”.

The most interesting tester, AI Addict shared on Youtube, who drive the Tesla vehicle on San Fransico’s Lombard Street. The drive progressed without any interventions, which is a remarkable achievement for the self-driving software. Below is the video of Tesla FSD 10 navigating without any disengagements on the twisty road.