Tesla Giga Berlin Factory Looses Another Top Manager
After Elon Musk's visit to Germany, the senior quality manager leaves after working for one year.

General Assembly Chief, Marcel Jost started working in Tesla in March 2020 as senior quality manager. And the reasons for his departure are not stated. Furthermore, the Giga Berlin factory has not yet started its production line. And this is not the first time the senior management left the company.

Image credits- Forbes

Tesla has had trouble with setting up China too. However, it was after the factory starting running, the problems raised. Despite Germany being the origin for some of the best cars, Tesla seems to be facing multiple issues.

Recently, some local people stated their discomfort in manufacturing the company in Brandenburg. And some politicians came in as support for the local community. As the factory was being built physically, many plants were cut. Worrying the locals right from the time Tesla starting building the plant.

Another issue the factory has been facing is that the government is known for being a “bureaucratic hell”. Not long ago, Tesla stated that the delay was because of the lengthy processes in Germany for policies and other documents.

Losing the top management

Surprisingly this is not the first time Tesla lost its manager since Giga Berlin Started. In May 2020, the vice president in charge of the Europe division quit. Having worked for Tesla since 2016, Sascha Zahnd started as the supply chain vice president. Eventually became European operations head and quit in a year.

It is said that Zahnd and Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk had disputes. Further, in October 2020 Ivan Horetsky quit as Project manager for Tesla Berlin.

In 2018, Elon Musk had to step down as chairman because his tweets violated SEC (Stock Exchange and Commission rules). Clearly, Elon Musk’s role is not as smooth as his regular tweets suggest. When the Texas  Factory in the US opened up the hiring process for 10,000 people. Which indicated that their talents matters and interest in the company matters to apply for the company.

Challenges for Giga Berlin

Added to the pressure of building a factory on time, or as soon as possible the factory has been having problems. Every time they address the problems accordingly one by one.

When they had to cut the trees in the location, they ensured that the same amount of trees are to be planted by Tesla. And since the location was untouched since World War II, the team had to work on removing the after-war left-outs.

And another issue was the amount of water the factory was going to consume. The location where Giga Berlin is being set up is “Grünheide”. Meaning Green Health, where no factory has set foot till now. But Tesla’s argument is that they are a sustainable product-making company. Which indeed is supporting the environment. However, locals still feel skeptical about it.

On the contrary, it is true that the team has been working on the water issue. They developed a dry electrode method for their battery-making sector. Which makes sure the factory consumes the same amount of water as planned before.