Politicians Speak-up As Locals Oppose Tesla’s Giga Berlin Factory
Though there hasn't been a direct attack on Tesla yet, there seems to be some disagreements.

On May 25th, 2021, the local police around the Giga Berlin in Brandenburg caught fire as a wire supplying power to the factory was cut loose. It was a small fire but lead to the local nearby villagers speak their concerns about the factory being set up.

Brandenburg prüft Tesla-Antrag für weitere Rodung von Wald – Berlin.de
Image credits- Berlin.de

It started out as locals conveying their discontent for the act. Now politicians have come into the picture, as the investigation team in addition to the Brandenburg police is working on the investigation.

It is said that, as the fire happened, some civil initiatives distance themselves far from the locals. Grünheide civic initiative campaigns against Tesla and Manu Hoyer from Grünheide civic initiative said,

“I reject violence in order to achieve anything, and I am more in favor of acting objectively and legally in a democratic society.”

And also added that any opposition towards construction should take place within the laws.

The fire

So far, many details are not known. Except that the fire occurred as the wire powering the factory was cut and laid on the flammable liquid for hours. The location of the fire was 500meters from the Giga Berlin Factory, and the police saw the fire at 3 AM (local time).

All of this might seem normal or may not. However, there was an additional note saying,

“On the night of May 25th to 26th, 2021, we cut the power supply for the construction site of the Tesla Giga factory in Grünheide near Berlin by setting fire to six high-voltage cables laid above ground to have. Tesla is neither green, ecological nor social. Our fire stands against the lie of the green automobile.”

There was minor damage and doesn’t even affect the Giga Berlin Manufacturing process. Their staff has reported that they are on schedule with their opening.

Violent acts

For now, this seems minor considering no damage was done. But some random locals residents showing their discomfort as Tesla uses democratic ways. When mentioned to the police. Then, the authorities replied that the local residents should go in democratic method to speak on the subject.

Furthermore, the opposition wouldn’t have meant much, but politicians have received the attention on the matter. Minister of  Economic Affairs, Labor and Energy Jörg Steinbach said,

“I don’t understand the criminal acts of violence that are currently taking place at the Tesla construction site. I can only hope that these people will be identified.Aand in addition to the appropriate punishment, punishment for the damage caused can also be applied. This is where the zero-tolerance principle applies!”

It would definitely catch the nation’s attention in case it turns out the local residents went such drastic lengths. But, unless the investigation proves anything, there is nothing to proceed.