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Tesla Giga Shanghai to make 300k cars in 9 months despite crisis

This year till September, Tesla will be producing 300,000 units despite the EV industry struggling with chip shortage. Tesla being the top EV player worldwide, the company certainly is ahead of its times. Capped by a delivery rush, their factories are producing more cars than in history.

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai's 2021 Model 3 and Model Y production estimates are likely conservative

Image credits- Teslarati

As reported by Reuters, the Model 3 and Model Y demand is increasing in both domestic and international sales. Including Germany and Japan, the Tesla cars continue to add on to on-road vehicles. It is known that around 240,000 vehicles were shipped from the Shanghai factory in the first eight months. The data is from China Passenger Car Association and Tesla hasn’t released any official details about the production.

Back in August, there was an official announcement that Tesla’s China factory could make 450,000 vehicles per year where 66,100 are exported. If the data now received is fully true, the factory would be producing more than anticipated by the end of 2021.

Tesla in China has been hanging for 2-3 months with lower sales because of bad publicity by the media. While Tesla is known to get bad publicity initially by the media, in China it was much more. A customer protested and the issue had to be solved officially with Tesla’s involvement. As a result of the incident, the company was subjected to bad publicity from the media in various aspects. Despite all the struggles, now Tesla is back on its track with sales locally.

Tesla expanding relationships in China

As a result of all the chaos, Tesla hired managers for legal and external relations in August. This is proving to be worthwhile as the sales have picked up in recent times. The company now has many relation managers in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen where most of the sales happen.

It was initially known as the company that posted job postings on its website. The job position did not include job description details. But, it is most likely that they are being hired to maintain their relations in the country. Furthermore, it was known in May that the company was boosting its relations with the government and other mainland regulators. The lawyers hired by Tesla China were experts in anti-monopoly and data privacy protection areas.

Tesla China has been under global attention, and it was essential that they take action immediately. It is not the first time the company faced major issues, and may not be the last time. However, the company seems to be doing better than anticipated.



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