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Tesla Model 3 best selling car in UK for September sales

Tesla Model 3 continues to be best-selling in several locations. In September in the UK the best selling car is Tesla Model 3. Despite the arrival of Model Y, the Model 3 can be also seen to be highly preferred by customers. Despite the increasing competition Model 3 can be seen dominating the automotive sector.

Tesla Model 3 Smashes Rivals & Becomes Best-Selling Car (All) in Decem

Image credits- Tesmanian

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Model 3 managed to dethrone every other car in the UK motor industry. Regardless of the powertrain, let it be combustion or electric. Usually, the car outperforms in the EV sales, but this time, it outperformed gas-powered vehicles too. In the month of September Tesla sold 6,879 Model 3 units in the UK. Whereas, Vauxhall Corse and BMW 3 series were sold at 5,235 units and 4,788 units respectively.

The Model 3 has been best-selling ever since its launch. Later when Model Y was released in 2020, the Model 3 sales have been decreasing. After a long time, the Model 3 is making it to the top in sales. Additionally, not only just Tesla vehicles, but other EV sales have been increasing in the country too. According to SMMT, the EV market in the UK is increasing.

EV market share in the UK

As per the records, BEVs were sold 32,721 times in September. Last year around the same time, the sales were only 21,903 units. Also, total BEV sales this year in the country are 125,141 units, while only 66,611 were sold. There is an 87.9% increase in sales from last year to this year. Considering the pandemic last year, the sales may not seem much. But this is the first time the EV market in the UK has shared such an increase.

Though the Model 3 topped the list of best-selling cars in September, in 2021 an EV didn’t win the race. Tesla Giga Berlin is yet to start, once the factory starts sending out vehicles, the sales next year are expected to grow drastically. The demand for Tesla vehicles is already existing. There are many upcoming competitors, from startups to the traditional automakers, everyone is taking Tesla as a competition. Noteworthy competition in the US currently is between Tesla, Ford, Rivian, and a couple of others. Recently Rivian started deliveries for its R1T, so the company came ahead in the electric pickup segment.

Another crucial aspect of the increase in EV sales is the availability of petrol, diesel, or gas. On Many locations all over the world, the demand for petrol is increasing but the supply is not adequate enough. This is probably the first reason why many governments are taking initiative to have more electric vehicles. In the coming years, only EV cars will be seen in the best-selling cars list.



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