Tesla Model 3 “Boat Mode” saving lives with wading capability

In the past few days, a few videos of the Tesla Model 3 running through the floods can be seen. Model 3 is saving the lives of passengers and drivers while most cars are stranded in the water tunnels in China. It is not recommended but works well with Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 Seen 'Swimming Like a Fish' in Flooded China, Makes for a  Perfect Car in Mumbai Rains
Image credits- News18

News18 describes the situation as “Tesla Model 3 seen swimming like a fish”, which seems apt compared to the other cars. Driving through floods can be tricky, especially when there is a tailpipe and holding on to the second gear so the pipe doesn’t get filled with water. Once the car stops, the trouble increases. Tesla Model 3 seems to be doing a better job. Below is a video from inside of the car while driving through floods in China.

It is not uncommon for Model 3 to be wading away in flooded streets. Asia’s floods are known to come once in a while every year or two at certain locations. Back in 2020, Model 3 was cheered on when it was the only model to keep running in the floods. being an electric car with huge battery packs, the car kept running better than fuel-powered cars during a crisis.

Boat Mode

Tesla’s capability to handle floods is called Boat Mode by many users. As seen in the below video, the water is almost covering Model 3’s wheels, yet the car keeps running pushing away all the water.

The Model 3 in the video looks like Standard Range. Tesla’s drive and battery units are sealed, but Elon Musk mentioned in 2016 that the Boat Mode is not recommended. Thrust via wheel rotation enables the car to move forward. Despite not recommending it, the Model 3 is doing decently fine in the waters.

Recently in the European floods, Tesla offered free supercharging in Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium. Undoubtedly as Tesla vehicles are capable of running through floods, free charging would ensure people reach their homes safely. The Tesla testing facility also includes testing the car on waters. As the batteries are located just below the car, it is important that the batteries and drive unit are safely secure. Considering the vehicle is a fully electric vehicle, without a waterproof feature the vehicle would be dangerous during rains.

While some drivers are pushing their Model 3 out of fear, they come to realize that the vehicle is a much better option during a crisis. During accidents, Tesla cars popular for their 5-star crash rating, are known to endure weights.