Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 driver hits a pedestrian in China
Suspicious Tesla Model 3 brake failure incidents keep increasing

The Tesla Model 3 driver in China lost control and hit an electric vehicle bike rider. This is not the first time Tesla is being accused of suspicious brake failure.

Tesla Model 3 accident Chengdu image 1
Credits- Gaadi Waadi

Often, Tesla accuses the driver of crossing the speed limit or not maintaining the proper distance. In the Recent incident, on April 2nd, the driver supposedly hit the pavement and damaged the car brutally. Though the driver was safe, the pedestrian who got hit was injured.

Tesla’s brake failure complaints

There are reports from the current China Tesla Model 3 drivers about the brake failures. However, Tesla often responds by saying people shouldn’t cross the limit or that the driver should use the vehicle as instructed.

Despite all the public statements, Elon Musk, Founder and CEO of Tesla, is known to have said that Tesla’s increased mass production can reduce the quality. He supposedly even suggested certain right times to buy a Tesla, probably to avoid buying a faulted Tesla model.

Though these statements are unacceptable, the brand has been going well with the sales. While every car seems to be perfect in terms of quality, there are situations in both the US and China where Tesla’s failure leads to horrifying damage.

The past incidents

China– In early March this year, the Chinese blogger community has been commenting on faulted Tesla braking system. This started when Mr. Zong’s father was a driver of Tesla who hit two cars at once.

The incident in February injured the two people claimed by the local police that the driver didn’t keep a safe distance. Despite the case being closed, Mr. Zang tried negotiating on behalf of his father, arguing that Tesla’s system failed. However, Tesla didn’t bulge and insisted that the driver is at fault, denied to pay the refund for the car and losses the driver has incurred.

The deal with Mr. Zang and Tesla lead to many questions on whether Tesla’s system is fully perfect when Tesla denied showing data.

New Jersey – On 29th March, there was an accident, where a 44-year old hit trailer cruise. As per the statement given by the driver, he lost track momentarily and the incident happened. Tesla denied commenting on the incident. When Reuters were investigating the same, the local police also didn’t give much information. According to police reports, the Tesla car accidents have been increasing in recent times.

There is no concrete evidence as to Tesla being the one at fault. Any driver could have caused the accident, but being a Tesla driver, the spotlight is definitely on. Tesla is working on self-driving cars and if the current brake system is at fault, it would be a tough position for the company. Most importantly, safety of the people is at stake.