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Tesla Model 3 Tops March Sales but not Quarterly Sales: Netherlands

The sales of plug-in hybrids are high in Europe. While Tesla bagged first place in Netherlands last month too. Volkswagen increased its sales rank from 4th to third by march. The second place for March was for Volvo XC40 PHEV.

Toyota passes 15 million hybrid electric vehicles global sales – New  Mobility

Image credits- New Mobility

However, contradicting the sales of Tesla, fully electric cars, the total sales are majorly in hybrid plug-ins. Fully electric vehicles had moderate sales hike, about 27%, while hybrids had about 101%.

Top 3 list

The top three list was expected all along in the march. As Tesla was highest in the month of February too. Volkswagen pulled itself together in March, jumping from the 3rd place. Then comes Ranult as third position.

The top 3 cars which sold highest number of electric cars are,

  1.  Tesla Model 3
  2. Volkswagen ID.3
  3. Renault Zoe

Tesla has been selling fast it’s Tesla Model 3 in many countries, including China where it was banned in military area. Volkswagen, struggling in certain places like Australia, and also trying harder to make up it’s 2015 scandal has sold good number of cars last month. Volkswagen ID.3 is of highest performance and preferred by EV fanatics for its features. Reanult Zeo is yet to recover form it’s original drop down sales from last year. However given the current statistics, the company did do well compared to the other electric car brands.

The new entry – Peugot e-208

Last year, the car was already considered as one of the best one with affordable price. But, their sales didn’t reflect the same till this quaterly reports. Furthermore, the France-based company was elected as best electric car by Business trohpies 2021 in France. The small electric vehicle is doing good in Netherlands too. Considering it is in top 5 in the electric vehicle sales.

Tesla is in 3rd position in quarterly sales

No matter how good Tesla is doing now in Netherlands, it didn’t start out well for the company. The Model 3 low sales in Janurary impacted it’s quarterly sales, bringing it to a third position in the sales ranking.

This is an interesting result, as how sales varied from month to month and then totally different in quarterly analysis. Volvo XC40 PHEV ranked in the first place. Clearly, the advantage of being a hybrid seller shows.

On the other hand, these results with hybrid vehicles give no guarantee for the future sales. Hybrid models are considered as a transition technology, something world needs in-between to move on to the fully electric world. As infrastructure is a great challenge. The stringient rules European government’s are implementing isn’t impacting the sales of Hybrid in Many European countries. Tesla is going nowhere just because it’s quarterly sales are low.




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