Tesla Model S Plaid is among Winners of 99th Pikes Peak International Hill Club

The Pikes Peak International Hill Club is known as one of the most prestigious races. Often cars are specially designed for this race. Tesla Model S Plaid defeated most of the cars, by being among the 1st division cars. Alongside there was Honda-powered Turbo.

99th annual pikes peak international hill climb
Image credits- Car and Drive

The 50 drivers who participated in the race usually start practising one month prior to the event. However, this time, the race track this time has snow and ice on the top of the mountain. Hence the race was shorter than planned and more dangerous than usual. Below is the YouTube link to the race view.

The race has multiple divisions, and Tesla Model S Plaid topped the exhibition division. Randy Post was driving the Model S Plaid. Randy topped the exhibition division with time 6:57.220+. Also, the car was 10 seconds behind the 1996 BMW M3 from the Pikes Peak Open division.

Tesla Model S Plaid deliveries started recently, the speed is known to be fast enough to be used in a race track. As the car defeater Pikes Peak, it is now said “Nobody would expect us to be faster than that.”  The car can go to the speed of 0-60mph in less than 2 seconds, thus making it the world’s fastest production car.

Race to the clouds

The Pikes Peaks International Club is known as the race to the Cloud. Its speciality is, no one can pretend or practice the race and win. The track is in a wild place, giving the drivers and the audience thrill just to be present on the event day. Conducted on 27th June, 52 drivers worked hard for the race along with their crew members.

Furthermore, the race is about 24 hours of endurance. The endurance level of both the car and the driver is tested with this race. Especially being on the wild track, one car can get stuck, and the other could go smoothly depending on various factors.

Tesla Model S Plaid is an electric vehicle and part of an event equal to the World Rally Championship stage. Randy Pobst, Model S Plaid driver said, “It was a good run. We ran well. Loads of power, took everything the Yokohama slicks had to offer, let me tell you. We have done a little sway bar change to try and balance it better. I’m really glad we did. The brakes held up, the suspension was fantastic.”