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Tesla Model X Plaid Debut As Model S Plaid Deliveries Start
$10,000 Less than Model S Plaid, the attendees got to experience the interior of the car.

Tesla Model S Plaid Event went successfully, as the attendees got to experience the 0-60 mph in 1.99 seconds with a drag strip mode. Additionally, the sibling car, Model X Plaid was seen in the event.

Say nothing about the Tesla Model X Plaid at the event? Think again, it was  there - Autobala

Image credits- Autobala.com

Redesigned flagship SUV

There are no further details on when the car will be available for deliveries. However, some people got to have a closer look at the car. And the rear display could be used to stream media, play games, or adjust the climate control.

Some Attendees shared their experiences on Twitter,

The sibling model can go at 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds and has a top speed of 164 mph. Also, it is a three motors SUV which keeps pulling hard after reaching its 100 mph barrier. However, much appreciation went to its interior.

It is said that the large cabin can easily have 7 people. It is very similar to the Model S, like the yoke steering and infotainment system. As it is more spacious, it could be highly preferred by families.

No doubt, the flagship sedan got its spotlight despite the event being a Model S Delivery event for Plaid.

It is known that the Plaid Model S is using a 12V lithium battery. As lead-acid battery doesn’t have promising longevity, forcing owners to change the batteries three times a year. So the lithium battery ensures there are no such troubles. It is possible that the Model X will also have a lithium battery. Except that the car is slower by a few seconds than the Model S, in reality, the Model X could be highly preferred by regular users.

Additionally, the website shows that the Model X deliveries will start by January or February 2022. While the Model S Plaid price was increased prior to the event, the Model X version wasn’t changed. The starting price is $119,990 and could increase with additional features.

Spotted prior to the event

Based on their own assumption about the future price of Model X Plaid, people have been making orders or waiting for a reduced price. But, considering the supply chain pressure in the auto industry, it is most likely that the price will soon increase.

Prior to the event, the Model X Plaid was spotted and were shared on Twitter. Furthermore, the six-seater was spotted near the Fermont Factory in California. There was an 8-inch second-row display, and also has a gaming console like the Model S Plaid. Also, the vehicle’s third-row seats could be seen.



Image credits- Teslarati, @WholeMarsBlog 




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