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Xbox Cloud Gaming Platform Will Be Open To All Web Browsers

Xbox Cloud GamingMicrosoft will launch the Xbox Cloud Gaming Browser in the next few weeks for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members after the server upgrade. Microsoft opened the cloud gaming browser for Edge, Chrome, and Safari to its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers a few weeks ago, but it was only limited to beta. The company is now bringing the service to Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Japan later this year.

Loading times have long been one of the most troubling aspects of using Xbox games for streaming, but the upgrade will shorten the wait for games to start.

Microsoft is launching special devices for streaming games, the company announced today. The company also announced that it is building its own streaming devices, eliminating the need to own game-specific hardware. Microsoft announced that it will open the Xbox Cloud and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gaming platforms to all in the coming weeks. Chances are it’s a Chromecast-like streaming stick or a smaller Apple TV-like box.

Xbox Cloud GamingMicrosoft has over 18 million members who sign up for the Xbox Game Pass and its basic subscription service for $9.99 a month. According to the company, members can play 30% more genres and 40% more games with Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is Microsoft’s monthly $15 (PS11, AU $16) Xbox subscription service that includes Xbox Live Gold, the ability to play and use Xbox Cloud games, and access over 100 games on Xbox consoles and PCs. For $14.99 per month, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes a selection of over 100 games for Xbox and Windows 10 which rotate regularly to offer attractive choices. It also offers cloud gaming as part of membership and is available on Android and iOS devices.

Microsoft has been building Game Pass selection in recent weeks, adding Sony’s MLB The Show 21 launch on Tuesday, bringing Grand Theft Auto Online via Xbox Game Pass PC app to Android, and since its official release last September, the company plans to bring the game to iOS devices via a special app but has been hampered by Apple’s App Store rules.

Xbox's Cloud GamingThis is the natural interface between Xbox Cloud and Microsoft’s cloud gaming part of its Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming (XCloud) service, launched in September, is powered by Xbox Series X servers and blades. Cloud gaming on the Xbox One began in September 2019 as Project xCloud.

Cloud gaming on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also known as xCloud offers more than 150 Xbox One and Xbox Series X games that can be played without a data connection on Android and iOS devices and are easy to start. Here you will find everything you need to know about the service, including devices that are compatible with available games.

Xbox's Cloud GamingXbox Game Pass Ultimate, often known as Project xCloud, is Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform designed as a complement to its Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Series S game consoles. Cloud gaming is part of the company’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership program, which includes 300 games on Xbox One, 200 games on PC, Xbox Live Gold, and EA Play, but is also seen as an extension of Xbox One X and X Series S games. It’s an ideal way for you to transfer your Xbox experience to portable devices when you’re not at home.

Microsoft’s cloud gaming and streaming service XCloud is currently in beta testing for iOS and Windows 10, but you may be wondering how you can get access to it on these platforms.

Cloud gamingAfter years of building, testing, and wide, wide release, it feels like Microsoft has finally put the final pieces of the puzzle together for the Xbox Cloud Gaming Project (XCloud) before its full launch.

Our plan is to open the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to all members in the coming months. While you’re at it, Microsoft has decided to expand the beta program and send out a new wave of invitations, which will happen soon.

Although not everyone has been invited to test the web app, iPhone and iPad users will be able to enjoy it as soon as it goes live. Note that it will be a very limited beta so only a certain number of people will be selected to provide feedback and further enhance the experience and add support for additional devices. The plan is to open the Xbox Game Pass and Ultimate members in the coming months so that more people can get to play the Xbox in a new way.