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Tesla opens Supercharging network to other EVs in Norway and France

Tesla is expanding its program to provide Supercharging network to other EV brands as well. Last year, the automaker experimented with certain stations in the Netherlands, and now the network in Norway and France is open to other EVs as well. Norway is known to be one of the countries that adapted electric vehicles better than other European countries.

Tesla's non-Tesla Supercharger pilot program expands to France, Norway

Image credits- Teslarati

In November 2021, we saw Tesla take the first step in that direction with a pilot program running at 10 Supercharger stations in the Netherlands. It was the only location where non-Tesla EV owners can charge using the Tesla app.  Last year, announcing the new pilot program, Tesla said that it plans to slowly expand it as it tests. The user experience for both new non-Tesla EV owners being onboarded on the network and current Tesla owners who are going to see more traffic at those charging stations. The changes are going to be new for all-electric owners. Last month the announcement to expand to Norway was known. However, recently the announcement was officially announced.

With the expansion, the automaker has significantly increased the number of stations as part of the program from just a dozen in the Netherlands to now over 40 Superchargers. Tesla is gradually opening more sites to test how other EVs are affecting the overall experience and increasing traffic at the stations. EV drivers simply need to download the Tesla app and have a vehicle with a CCS connector to use those select Supercharger stations.

Expansion in other countries

In Europe, it was convenient as Tesla has CCS connectors in these locations. However, earlier Tesla used a different connector and the challenge needs to be addressed before launching in the US and the UK. Furthermore, competing EV makers like Rivian who offer their own products to customers are also opting to provide EV charging stations available to other EVs as well. Rivian partnered with Adopt A Charger to provide level 2 charging points.

In the US it is required for the automakers to keep the stations available to other EVs. Only then the investment access to $7.5 billion will be provided by the government. Automakers competing with each other are working on availing the investment. Tesla Supercharger charges non-Tesla EVs the same as Tesla owners. While others need to use the app to avail Tesla Supercharger services, it is a convenient option as Tesla has Superchargers in various locations. However, it looks like more Superchargers are to be installed this year to reduce traffic for Tesla owners.



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