Tesla P100 A New Age Of Technology For Deep Learning Computing

Tesla P100

6 April, 2016, USA: The world is entering into a new era of technology where everything getting down on a microchip. As per the recent announcement by Jen-Hsun Huang, Chief Executive, Nvidia, the company has developed a new chip called ‘Tesla P100’ which equipped with 15 billion transistors for deep-learning computing. Huang claims that it’s the biggest chip ever made.

The announcement came during GPUTech conference in San Jose, California when Huang was delivering his keynote to the audience. He unveiled the chip after he said that deep-learning artificial intelligence chips have already become the company’s fastest-growing business.

“We are changing so many things in one project. The Tesla P100 has five miracles,” stated Huang. Nvidia previously launched its Tesla M4 and Tesla M40 deep-learning chips, and those chips are selling fast. Now the Tesla P100 is in volume production today, Huang said.

“Nvidia is taking a big risk with the P100 as it is different from anything they’ve ever done before in that it is for the data center first, not for games or a workstation,” said Patrick Moohead, analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. “It’s also risky as they have multiple new things happening like a new process (16nm), new architecture (Pascal), new memory architecture (HBM2), and new interconnect (NVLink).”