Tesla patent hints a glass with aggressive curves and folds for Cybertruck

Tesla filed a patent with the title,  “Automotive Glass Structure Having Feature Lines and Related Method of Manufacture,” which hints at some details regarding Cybertruck. The description says that Cybertruck glass will have aggressive curves and folds, despite having high strength.

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Image credits- Electrek

Futuristic glass

The conventional glass doesn’t have such a design along with strength. Cybertruck is already known to have futuristic look. With the design shown in the patent, the windshield has different look. In the prototype, the glass was completely flat. It is stated as,

“The first glass structure 602A may represent a windshield positioned on the vehicle and formed according to the techniques described herein. In some embodiments, the first glass structure 602A may be multi-layer… Thus, the first glass structure 602 A may have feature lines (e.g., facets) 606A-606B. As an example, these feature lines 600A-600B may have radii of curvatures of between 2 mm and 5 cm. In some embodiments, the feature lines 600A-600B may represent an angle of between 45-60 degrees, or 50-75 degrees, and so on.”

Image credits- US Patent

Various glass structures and designs are provided. The basic idea includes the one where a polymer may be included in between the first layer and second layer in the glass before bending. Traditionally, glass is bent with certain curvature at high temperatures. Tesla is aiming for the curvature of 2mm to 5mm, which gives a feature line look.


The patent doesn’t specifically say that the glass is for Cybertruck, but mentioned that it can be used in anything from a car to a truck. The outer look isn’t the only thing that is going to vary. Its dashboard will be created from recycled paper composite materials. Also, as per the patent, Cybertruck’s interior might look aesthetically pleasing as the dashboard could be made of glass too. A film layer on the glass will ensure the durability of the dashboard. Which avoids shattering in case of impacts.

Image credits- US Patent

The details about the Glass dashboard stated as, “Figure 7 illustrates an example of an interior 700 of a vehicle, such as a vehicle 600 described above. The interior 700 includes a glass dash 702 with a feature line 704. As described above, the feature line 704 may have a radius of curvature of between 2mm and 5cm. In some embodiments, the feature line 704 may represent an angle of between 45-60 degrees or 50-75 degrees, and so on.”

The Cybertruck design is expected to reach the beta level by this year. And the production is expected to start by next year. Elon Musk stated earlier that the Cybertruck to be manufactured will be the same one unveiled in 2019. However, some improvements in terms of interior and exterior seemed to keep improvising. This is not the first patent that was seen related to Cybertruck.