Credits - Twitter

New Tesla Model 3 Delivered to Customer With Mismatched Door Panels

Tesla Model 3 Credits – Twitter

There is a tweet on twitter which has been spreading like wildfire, the tweet shows that Tesla Model 3 with the mismatched door there is 3 door with white interior and one with brown interior leading us to believe that the mass- production growing problem is far from over.

A user claimed that the vehicle, a pearl white Tesla Model 3 belongs to her husband’s colleague who bought it for $78000. Looking closely you will notice the driver side there is white door panel and when you will look at the passenger’s side door you will see a dark colored door panel.

The company declined to comment on the problem and what steps, if any, will be taken to prevent it from happening again.

It seems that Tesla is not able to escape the negative press lately, with a recent issue with automatic braking system during Insurance Insitute for Highway Safety evaluations to photos from the factory showing multiple issues with manufacturing process being circulated on social media.