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Tesla self-driving software rolls-out in Canada with version 10

Finally, Tesla’s full-self-driving (FSD) technology rolls out in another country starting with version 10. Videos of customers from Canada using the mind-blowing FSD Beta 10 were released. For years, Tesla’s autonomous software was officially launched only in the US. Canada is the first country (besides the US) to receive the FSD Beta rollout for Tesla owners.

Tesla is going to expand Full Self-Driving to Canada and Norway next - Electrek

Image credits- Electrek

A Tesla Model 3 owner from Canada, Joshua appeared in a YouTube video sharing his experience with the vehicle’s performance. The Tesla was equipped with version 10 software. Driving along the streets of Toronto the progress seemed slightly different. For example, the recent videos shared by American Tesla owners showed that the vehicles turned around more confidently. In Toronto, the speed on straight roads seems to be confident, but not around turning points.

It is to be noted that Tesla is trying another country map for the first time. This means the data available with their earlier Beta versions was only from the American road maps. It looks like the company is taking slow with its progress in Canada.

Last year in the month of November, it was known that Tesla was planning on expanding to Canada and Europe. As it is currently launched in Canada, the next location in Europe is expected to be Norway as mentioned by Elon Musk last year.

Tesla FSD in Canada

Last year the Beta was launched in Canada limited to a few members, asking them to travel while recording. However, many updates were not given till the recent Version 10. But it is known that there are some notable issues with the recent update too. Users have reported it, and Tesla has also stated on multiple occasions that their software is not fully perfect. Which is the reason why it is not made publicly available yet.

As per international regulations, the launch of the FSD suite to the public needs the software to adhere to the country’s traffic rules. This means the engineers and programmers need to go beyond the US road safety rules and possibilities to modify the software. Elon Musk already hinted that it would be slow and controlled progress in other countries.

As Canada has similar traffic rules to the US, it is considered a good start for expansion. In Europe, the side of the road vehicles travel on is left, but in the US vehicles travel on right. For now, Tesla FSD neural network will capture data from the limited drivers who have access to it. Possibly as users point out the betterment of its performance, the public rollout will happen.





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